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Jogging always gets my panties all gooey. I don’t know why. Anjel said it might have something to do with friction. I have no idea.


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Don’t know if this will excite you or not but one of the best panties i ever received were from my favourite girl who had been out jogging and when she got back her panties were soaked with sweat.
Im sure any form of exercise may help produce a similar product but i for one can say it truly made me happy.

just a ”thought ”

:laugh:   Jazzy    :laugh:

MMMMmmmmmmm.. jo jo  The musky intoxicating aroma is wonderful.  smt smt I love riding on the bike trail passing all those women dripping in sweat as they jog or ride past. I imagine slowly peeling off their soaked panties and taking a deep sniff.


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