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    I`m so glad that i get a second post sometimes  Because i recieved a express mail package all the way from the other side of the pond, in other words from the USA, in fact all the way from sunny California lol.
    This delightfull package was from Bella and what a joy it was to open! becasue inside were a lovely pair of her knickers.
    I eagerly opened the package and found a red tussie wrapped package as well as a hand written card, thats so nice when sellers do that. Inside the tussie paper was a zip locked bag contining the knickers that i had ordered! I pened it was was greeted with a lovely aroma, which after coming from so far was wonderful!, The gueset was stained with Bella`s wonderful juice, so much so that it overflowed from the gueset! looks like she really had a great time in these`s
    Both the scent/smell & taste of Bella was a delightful experience and the photos that were sent via email were great too.
    So like i`ve done, go by her blog and see what she has to offer you, oh also check her links section to see what auctions she has going on too
    You know what?, i really enjoy getting to know the sellers and if like this pair from Bella, I hope i will continue to so
    Oh and did you notice that she took part in my fun Bra contest too?
    As always there is a photo on my blog of the knickers hehe


    Congrats on a great review Bella 🙂
    smt smt

    Kinky Kate

    woohooo! Way to go Bella, good job girl! -Kate



    Thank you, I don’t think I’ve been congratulated for wearing underwear before – at least not in the last 25 years. (I suppose I might have gotten some praise in those potty training years :laugh:)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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