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    Greeting all

    I have got me some Google credit but unsure as how to spend it!

    There is something called AdWords, I believe this is a “right hand side bar” add space and I would be charged according to how many people click on it…. is this efficent?
    And how about ranking? is this a myth? or can “higher ranking” be purchased? I was under the impression this is something related to meta tags and coding.. but I’m told different…

    Any advise as how to spend my Google dosh to improve visability will be welcome!



    I don’t know much about Google Adwords, but ranking is separate to paying for advertising. Take a look around for sites about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which used to be about meta tags but is a bit more complex these days.

    There’s some great info on

    Gemma xxoo


    It is against Google’s terms of service to run Adwords on adult sites. In fact, when you apply for the program you need to give them a url to be approved. Technically, when you are approved for a site, you could then use them on another using your code. Of course if they caught you, and they likely would, you’d lose your account.

    For non-adult sites though, Adwords can be a nice source of extra revenue from a site. You can place the code to show them where ever you like on your site, they don’t need to be only on the right-hand side of the page. 

    😉 PK


    Thanks guys

    So, in a nutshell (for you Elise), I can’t use my Google Credits for Adword and I can’t buy me a higher ranking via Google either…
    Not wonder they’re giving them away  :uglystupid2:

    Any suggestions as what to do with them?
    I guess I could sell them to a legit business?


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