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    :police:Does anyone know the way of sending poo to the USA, as regards customs forms and the like?


    I really wouldn’t advise it at all. If customs found out what was in your parcel the contents would hit the fan.

    You can risk it and send it but with a fake return address (you have to put your postcode on the back of your parcel). But it is a risk. I wouldn’t send such an item to the US.

    If you fulfill such an order then I would stick to within the EU.


    I spoke to someone at the post office today and enquired about sending things to the US, she said that chocolate can be sent, so maybe I could put “Chocolate Brownies” on the customs form?
    Also, in this case, how do people send panty pads, liners and tampons to clients over there?


    All the post offices over here in the USA have signs warning that certain materials can not be sent at all, and that others need to be specially packaged and labeled. Chances might be low, but if a customs agent happened to open your package and found that it contained human waste, blood, or other “hazards”, when it was declared as chocolate, I think that it would not be good.  :huh:


    Do not do it!  I had customs open a package of my pee panties and they actually wrote to the guy to come and pick it up. When he turned up to collect it, they really gave him a hard time about who it was from, and where and why etc., but they did end up giving him the package.  When he got home the package had been tampered with and pulled apart and the whole thing was SWIMMING in piss – I never ever send out my items like that and so it seems the custom fellas had the last laugh.

    I would never ever risk sending anything other than my worn panties outside Europe .. customs might not be able to track you down but they can certainly find your buyer. It isnt worth it and I would never ever risk that again no matter how much money I was offered.


    Mail fraud is actually the legal term used to refer to using the Postal System to carry out a scheme to defraud — e.g. taking money and not sending goods, fake invoices to solicit money, get-rich scams, etc.

    It’s not mail fraud, but it is illegal.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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