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    Time for another one of my little seller reviews  😉

    Oh what a wonderful day it is today! I am now in the happy postion to write one of my reviews about a lovely and sexy seller 

    Today i received all the way from sunny Italy a lovely package from Serena ( ) Within it was a wonderful sexy pair of her undies, beautifully gift wrapped and with a little hand written note too  Once i had open it, within was the pair that i had ordered from Serena, a sweet pair called “Naughty Bride “  that i saw on her website (

    Oh boy was i very happy with my choice indeed. The sweet aroma and scent that came from them was delightful! Its such a wonderful feeling knowning that these have been worn just for me, Its a real frill 

    What a lovely day it is today

    **as always pictures are on my blog to go with this review  😉 **


    thanks mike,feedback from buyers like myself is really cool,its nice to hear success stories before a purchase

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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