still feeling shiney new xx

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    Big ‘Elloooooo to all tha panty girl’s & boy’s!!
    :)  ;)  :laugh:  :cheer:  B)  :P  :kiss:  smt
    it’s great to be here!!  😉
    im still feelin very new around here…….
    but everyone so far has been very helpfull & kind.

    i’v finally managed to get my gallery photo’s up on here.
    pleazz go check them out……..  😉
    lemme kno wot u think if u get time.  :kiss:
    & i’ll be making my blog ASAP….
    so i’ll let u kno wen iv got round to it.

    iv been looking around this site for tha last week…..
    there’s sum truely stunning girl’s with amazing blog’s.
    Much Love’zz & Big Respect to ALL of u!!

    stop by & chat with me any time….
    kissizz* Minnie xxMmwwahxx


    Hey hon!

    Minnie’s a great friend of mine and when I told her I’d started panty selling she practically demanded that I show her where to sign up..hehe

    So be gentle with her….hehe.. I’m sure everyone will make her as welcome as you’ve all made me… cheers guys x

    Scarlet xx



    With what i have seen so far, i`m glad you decide to come along here to PH and join  😉
    This is a fun place to be, so enjoy your time here and keep posting  :laugh:
    Oh i can`t wait to see how you blog will look, so don`t keep us waiting lol



    Welcome!!  smt


    Welcome to the Hog Minnie :) 
    Keep us updated with any sites and blogs you start and I hope you have fun!


    Hi Minnie! Welcome! Yeah keep us updated with all thats going on with you, hope you enjoy your time here.  🙂


    Thank u Girls!!
    it’s sooo great to hear from u!!
    BIG SMILES*  :cheer:

    Mackenzie..xx ur blog is fantastic!! so polished!! i luv’d it!!& HOTXXXBLONDE is just tha right name for u hunnie!!
    ……..GAD DAMN…fo’ sure u aint lieing!!  smt

    FetishKitten..xx all ur photo’s are absolutely gorgeous gal!!
    feeling tha need to let u kno!! WOW! seriously impressed!!
    their all so professional lookin… tha hell u do that??!!  smt

    & Alan..xx hunnie u’v got one Amazing figure!!….i’d give all my freckles for a figure like urs…maybe even a kidney….i mean u only need one right?? hehee  :laugh:

    But seriously girls……..
    jaw dropping stuff’s u got going!!  smt
    pleased to meet u all!!
    I’ll fo sure keep u posted on my blog development.
    might take me a while to build up one as refined as all urs.

    Much Love’s & Big Respect Girl’s
    XXX Mmmwah XXX Minnie XXX  :kiss:

    Kinky Kate

    Welcome Minnie!  Better late than never with a welcome, right?  Make yourself at home!


    [quote author=Minnie Tha Moocha

    Thank u Girls!!
    it’s sooo great to hear from u!!
    BIG SMILES*  :cheer:

    ?? I also welcomed you  Minnie  😥 And the last time i look down stairs i was still a bloke, meat and two vegs still hanging there  😉


    Welcoem minnie, im new myself :laugh: I hope you enjoy your time here, everyone is so nice here :laugh:


    ……Sorry i should’a said thanx girls….& Mike..!!
    poor Mike….i didnt mean ta ignore u sweetie..  😛

    It’s taken me a l’il while so say ‘ello to u….
    just a lil shy thats all..
    i wasn’t sure how to aproach any of u…..
    But now iv managed a hello, & u all dont seem to mind me being here; i’ll do my best to settle in proply…
    Thank u Kate  🙂

    I’v been working on my Blog……
    It’s no where near ready.
    But if u would like to check it out….
    Then go for it..!!…Very unpolished & i wont get much time to work on it in tha next week, as im moving house.

    ‘Ello shiney new Lulu tooooo..!! Hehee  smt


    LOL yes poor me  :laugh:
    I`ll think of something as a pay back for forgetting me  😉
    Blog is looking great btw
    Very nice range of delightful undies.
    Hope your move goes well, but don`t let the removal men move your wash basket or you might lose a few pairs lol

    Catch you soon



    Hey Sexy Minnie!! yay you are here! haven’t been on PH for a few days – eek!! and i missed you grand entrance.  Nice to see all the lovlies are making you feel welcome! hee hee

    Minnies a wicked lil minx!! Scarlet too! hee hee

    have a lovely weekend all x whats left of it any how! hee hee

    Poppy x

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