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    Hello everyone,

    I wasn’t sure where to put this or even how well received my post would be. I know that I’m new here and that nobody knows who I am and no one is obligated to treat me nicely and with the risk of sounding like a complete psycho…

    I did it! I signed up for the website! And that was a huge step for me.

    No one here knows how hard it was for me to sign up or even how harder it was for me to make the first post. It sounds crazy, I know, because no one here knows me but it was so hard for me to do this.

    I have a bit of a problem(s). I am extremely shy and I’ve been trying to change that part of me. I am so shy that it terrifies me to make the first post on an internet forum. Once I make up mind to do it, it’s no problem from that point on. I can carry on fairly normally after I get over the fear.

    But if this fear exists with just doing stuff online, can you imagine then, what my real life must be like? I can count the number of friends I have on one hand. I hardly ever talk to people and when people talk to me, my heart feels like it stops and then I have no idea what to say. How do I make myself seem cool or interesting or even how do I show that I’m nice and caring?

    Yes, I know you guys aren’t therapists and this long post (thank you if you’re still reading) is actually leading to a point. And that point is… how the heck do I sell used panties?

    I’ve read the help sections about paypal and I read the Panty University articles. It’s not so much the technical part of selling panties that I don’t get but it’s the emotional part, it’s the conquering the fear inside of me that has me at a loss.

    All my life, I’ve suffered from low self-esteem, more so now that I have daughter. I’ve always thought I wasn’t pretty or sexy. I’m not a size 0, blonde hair, blue eyes model with perfect skin and nice, big fake (or real) boobs. But with the New Year approaching, I want to do something wild, something totally not me. I want to feel confident and I want to feel sexy (and make a few dollars while I’m at it). I’m not looking to be a super popular online entity… I just want to feel like I’m pretty.

    I’ve read over some of the posts and many of the ladies on here (whether it’s true or not is another matter) seem so confident and carefree and so comfortable with your own bodies.

    Are there any girls out there who can understand where I’m coming from or tackled this particular insecurity? How did you decide to put yourself out there online? Did you worry about what others would think or if it may affect your career if someone found out? Or even, if you have children, do you think about how they will view, should they ever find out?

    I am really struggling with my decision and it’s all the more harder because of my stupid shyness. Ladies, please, any advice you could offer would be appreciated and I will seriously think it over.

    Again, this is quite long and I apologize for it. I just wanted to give everyone a good idea of how I feel and how difficult things involving putting myself out there can be for me. I thank you for taking the time to read it and will appreciate any advice you can offer.


    Welcome to the Hog 🙂

    Okaaaay – here goes…

    Don’t assume that you are the only shy person on here. EVERYBODY has some shyness, some insecurities and some hang ups about their bodies or something. All of us. The good thing about selling used panties is that you quickly realise that decent blokes aren’t interested in the media-driven stereotypical bimbette with the backside of a teenage boy and the boobs of a pregnant cow.

    Guys tend to prefer the girl next door. The girl who is real, accessible and possibly, just possibly lives in his town. REAL wimmin.

    Another good thing about selling panties and doing most of your business online is that you can almost become the woman you want to be. You have control over your images, if you are good with Photoshop (or even a simple fee editing program) you can lose your stretch marks and the wobbly bits, you can even banish your shaving rash 🙂 Hey, I even got emails from blokes who loved my wobbly belly with all the stretch marks (go figure! Bless them). You can be the sassy, razzy, temptress that you always wanted to be, that you know is hidden away inside your insecurities.

    Talking of insecurities, don’t tell people you have them. It doesn’t serve any purpose other than make them think you might be clingy or needy. Nobody needs to know your life story, nobody needs to know anything about you – unless YOU chose to reveal it.

    Be discreet and don’t tell any friends your panty selling secret and nobody will find out. This can be YOUR secret for the secret part of YOU. As soon as you realise that blokes want your knicks you will feel a million quid. I guarantee that 🙂 Then all your friends will be wondering why you seem so different. You will be different because you have an inner glow, that has come from knowing that blokes want your knicks because they fancy you. 😆 Hurray, and suddenly you will gain confidence.

    Be positive. Positivity creates sales. Sales creates confidence. Confidence banishes shyness. Job done.


    Welcome to panty hog.
    We are like one big happy family.
    The Walton’s,suppose i’m Grandad.
    You will soon make friends here,especially with the guys(not all are as good looking as me);)
    Have fun
    Have your say
    Your welcome here every day.
    Good Luck:silly:

    Jazzy :dry:


    A very warm welcome aboard to one of the best places to call ‘Home away from Home’! ( it’s my hope that you will have that feeling very soon )
    Anna addressed shyness well! ( I believe ) There are lots of ways and sayings to help one overcome that some within there life and by you taking that first step in joining us was a very good way to get started!!
    Now you relax and get yourself something to maybe snack on and enjoy that beautiful ride of a lifetime with us all too!
    – Welcome once again! – :v


    jazzy wrote:

    We are like one big happy family.
    The Walton’s,suppose i’m Grandad.

    Yes, Welcome to Panty Hog shinigami04. 😉

    Jazzy, do you think those Walton girls sold their panties without Pa finding out about it, or did Johnboy keep them all to himself and sneak out at night to sniff them in the outhouse? :laugh:


    Have to say i fancied Mrs.Walton.
    Was the eldest daughter Ely May,now she must have had some bloomers,elasticated no doubt.
    I also had a crush on the Mother in Little House on The Prairie,long time ago………..
    Grace Kelly in ”high noon” the list is endless.
    ooops showing my age again…
    the older the fiddle…………

    Jazzy :dry:


    The thing that helped me was my resolution not to show my face. All the little lines and veins and wobbly bits that make me real and not vacuume packed (which I love on a woman anyway) can be there for anyone to see.

    But if I don’t show my face I feel like I have control. Its my secret to share or divulge how I wish.

    If someone says something mean, I chalk it up to their ignorance, and without proof of this *grin* double life* I can always walk away from it if something goes wrong or makes me uncomfortable.

    Which hasn’t happened yet. But it gives me that sense of security.

    The fact that you’re ready, the fact that you want to try, is a great first step.

    I have a feeling I would think your body is fabulously sexy.

    Good luck!


    uh…I mean tI loved the real parts on women, all that goes with them, NOt the vacuum packed thighs and bellies (or non bellies)


    well said anna. I remember when I got my first surge of self-esteem in those early days of selling. Difference is my friends are like family so I couldn’t wait to tell them about it. They are all begging for my new website address, but they have to wait just like everyone else.


    I am so glad that I spent all that time responding to the original post.

    :huh: :huh: :huh:


    Hmmmm I thought that too… quite rude of her to not respond. I’m guessing that panty selling is not really for her!!


    Anna well said!

    You always explain things so well I am sure your post helped him some!


    Anna wrote:

    I am so glad that I spent all that time responding to the original post.

    Anna if it is of any consolation, that was one of your best posts :y32b4:


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