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    Hi Girls,

    Someone has bought a pair of panties from me using amazon.co.uk gift cert

    If I dont want to use it straight away and ‘put to one side’ is there any chance it can be cancelled by the buyer or is it best to just redeem it asap?

    Also, the same buyer has kindly purchased something for me from my wish list..are you supposed to get confirmation of this by e-mail?

    If anyone could help answer that woudld be great.

    Emily xx


    I don’t know about the wishlist, best to ask amazon themselves, but about the gift-certificates…

    Redeeming a certificate does not mean you are “using” it, the amount stays in your account until you purchase an item from amazon. Then you have the opportunity to use your gift-certificate balance as payment for said item.

    Redeem them immediately and use them whenever you buy something. Correct me if I’m wrong, everyone, but I believe the amount will stay there forever, or as forever as a website gets, until you use it.

    Once you redeem a certificate it can never be un-redeemed or taken back by the person who bought it.


    Thats great, thanks very much for your help…Emily x


    I believe that is right Anni. Only so long to redeem but once it is there in your account it is there for forever.

    I’m not sure about the wishlist confirmation either – sorry

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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