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pants story, there are more on their merry way just thought would try my first one on here first 🙂

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It was a normal day in the office, it’s not fully working in an office really but it’s what people say. I work in a retail outlet which sells all sorts of clothes and gifts and things. My partner says the black uniform drives her wild, I don’t understand the pull to a person in uniform myself really, but each to their own I suppose. But I do like the way she starches it so I get a crisp feel and that she irons it get creases in.

Most days I walk around with my speaker on my shoulder and listen to it, if I need to check or follow people I do that or I just wonder around the store to deter people from stealing. I have to say since this is a high end retailer we don’t have to chase that many people but we get the occasional “clepto” who has too much money to handle but needs a quick thrill. I think usually its poor house wife or mistress. Again who am I to judge at what floats their boats.

Today was like any other day I was doing my rounds when I was told to check the changing rooms since no one was in there just in case there were tags or something taken off when I walked into the lush mirrored room with flock wall paper and soft seats around the room, so u can image I was astounded to that someone could have left some rubbish. Someone had left something in a bag scrunched on the floor, how rude of them. I went to pick up this rubbish when I had a strong compelling idea to look inside. A note was what caught me first and a subtle sweetness wafted out of the bag, a note with long curly writing on pink floral paper telling me to enjoy this treat. With apprehension I delved further in this bag to find a tissue wrapped item. I was unsure whether I should open this as it maybe someone’s gift. Licking my lips and searching around to make sure I was alone, my heart beating with apprehension, I carefully opened this tissue to find a pair of lacy knickers. To my disgust they had been used so I stuffed them in the bag and walked quickly to my office to throw them in the bin.

When I stood at the bin, about to throw the bag there, I wanted to look closer at them. I’m appalled and shocked that I want to see them closer. My will power wavered so I sit and open it all carefully again with shacking hands. The tissue crumples against my clammy hands which in turn make me nervous as people can hear me surely as they pass to their breaks or store rooms. My breathing heavies as I reveal the lacy ladies wear and I exhale. They are wonderful. Black material around the band with lacy sparkles that catch the light, such dainty little things that wouldn’t really hide much but cover the fuller shape of a rather buxom behind. The size catches me a 14-16, I’m trying to envisage the shape of the lady, the curve of her back and round rump. Would she be tall with stockings underneath her skirt with these underneath? Is she now not wearing any underwear since she left this gift for me? Was this gift for me?

The idea of this small favour is getting me hotter under the collar then I could ever imagine, my whole world at the moment is these lacy pants. A knock at the door pulls me to my senses and I quickly push them into my top drawer when the person walks in. She tells me to watch someone a customer reported. I take the details and walk out with her to find the lady in question.

As I’m walking around I’m thinking of the lacy items in my drawer, who can they belong to? I’m walking the isles looking at ladies thinking are they wearing underwear for the partner to look at them and smell them? I want to peer under the skirts or search the ladies to feel if they are wearing pants for me? I’m in a dizzy hot sweat when a colleague asks me if I’m feeling ok, I say no I need to sit down in the office for a while maybe take an early lunch.

I dash to the office to make sure the favour is still there. It is and then I’m suddenly calm, I need to feel the material against my face. I can feel that the lace is scratchy in places and hard, where other areas are soft and slip over my face. The harder parts are underneath; I can hear some voices in my head telling me to smell the gusset area while other areas are thinking how I can degrade myself to that. But I want this by my face I can’t bear to tear this newly made marriage apart, I have to inhale something soon or I will pass out, I can’t hold my breath much longer. I take a quick gulp and a short sniff.

Aaaaaaahhhhh the sweet nectar of a lady.

The mixture of what I can assume is daily wear and her obvious turn on juices sends me into a head spin, I feel like I’m lost in a cloud, in a bubble I don’t ever want to leave. The smell is deep with a kind of mustiness to it which stirs my own arousal juices. There is a stir in my nether regions which I now cannot ignore. I’m also drooling at the thought of these left over juices in my mouth. Before I know it they are in my mouth and I’m moaning with sweet enjoyment. The heady fragrance fills my nose and my mouth fills with salty sweetness. My hands touch myself in this whirl of ecstasy, they hardly feel my own. My trousers are ripped open and my shorts are down. I stroke and suck, then pull and sniff in this passion frenzy. There is heavy breathing from me with visions of a lovely beauty playing with herself in these lacy littles, I can see her fingers explore her lower lips as she moans in her frenzy in the changing room in front of the mirror so she can see herself. I can imagine her biting her lips to be quiet so no one else can hear her. I can hear her whimpers and she breathes heavy which mixes with my own. Before I know it I have called out for release and exploded all over my hands and desk, it’s a wakeup call.

I sit to calm myself and I didn’t think I could stand anymore. Carefully I pull the pants off my head and I decide to wipe my juices on these pants so I can be closer to the person who left them for me. It then dawns on me that the mixture would not be purely hers anymore. A pit of despair drowns me and I rest my head on the desk trying to think a way out of this.

My phone goes off, my partner asks me to meet her later from work. An idea jumps in, maybe I can get my wife to wear some pants and she can let me play with her leftovers afterwards.  This idea makes me smile more but I am still upset about the original lace devices I used, which are now back in the drawer.

I carry on working the rest of the day with a small smile thinking on pants and ideas with my partner. Closing up for the day I try and leave the office without the pants but I panic, I can’t bear for them to not be near me or if someone else found them and used them, so in my jacket they go. My partner meets me from work and while we walk to the car exchanging pleasantries my mind comes back to reality of her not going for the idea and that I feel dirty. I take my jacket off in the car and drive home. She picks up my jacket when we walk in the house

I turn around to see her shocked face while she asked me what this tissue paper of pants is. I stand there open mouthed and almost stumbling over my words to think of something.  I try to say they are not mine but how does it look, but to a degree they are mine bar I seemed to have left a mark on them. I start to say that I’m not cheating on her, I found them. I drop to my knees and want the world to swallow me up.

She smiles at me, what does that mean?

She pulls me up and sits on the sofa, she motions I sit with her. She asks me to explain my day and why I have these cum soaked lacy panties in my possession. I reluctantly retell my story and explain how I felt, the rush and enjoyment of nothing I have ever felt before. As I’m talking to her about it I feel it again and start getting all flustered and want nothing more than to taste the pants again.

I pounce on my partner and rip at her clothes she hungrily replies with kisses and bites. I feel her soft breasts under her bra and quickly remove that skirt. She is wearing stockings and suspenders, a lovely black lacy number which makes my heart beat quicker. I bend her over to find no underwear; I want to be inside her. to feel her warmth, her moistness and release my pent up energy.  I want to ravage her and make her mine like some primal animal. She happily agrees and greedily she accepts my cock, she clamps on tight as I slip in and out easily with her moistness. We both move with painful harsh slapping of skin on skin contact, our breathing becomes more rapid and horse, she moans and whimpers with the harder treatment to my grunts of delight. She quickly builds and shudders with a climax with moans I’ve never heard from her, I follow with a primal growl from deep within my belly.

I roll her over and embrace her, we both collapse and try and gather our breath with gulping of air and giggles. After a while she sits up and picks up the lacy pants and says all this from my pair of pants.

All I could do was smile and hope for more in the future.


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