Catherine-Jane gets the Adey Seal of Approval


Christmas has come early as another request from a new panty seller has landed on my lap.

I still have to pinch myself each time I get approached and offered a free pair in exchange for a review but it is also great fun and makes me feel like I am giving a little back to the community.

My latest review is for CJ a busy married lady with children, god knows how she gets time for her panty exploits but thankfully she does.

I have been delaying writing this review as I have been suffering from a cold (enough with the ‘manflu jokes’ already) but worried that I might not be able to do CJ justice I decided to go for it.

As with everyone I have reviewed so far, a great deal of attention has been made to packaging. I have very specific requirements so the delivery doesn’t get into the wrong hands and CJ followed these to the letter and beyond.

The packet was double wrapped as requested but everything inside was doubled up too. the thong secured inside 2 layers of sandwich bags and this in turn was was nicely wrapped in tissue paper.

A very nice personally handwritten note was included. 3 clear quality pictures were also sent via email of CJ wearing my thong.

The first thingthat struck me when opening the package, bearing in mind I’ve had them a couple of days was the strength of CJ’s aroma.

I love strong aromas and CJ certainly delivers there. The next thing I found was that the gusset was still damp and showing clear signs of how CJ must have enjoyed preparing them for me.

There is something there for everyone, juices, a hint of ass and unless my cold is playing havoc with my sense of smell a tiny woft of perfume further up the string.

CJ is fun to chat with and just finding her feet  but is one panty seller who will make her mark on MUPS


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