I was drawn to CherrySilk, not only because she a a sexy young lady but she is also relatively local to me and the idea that we could pass in the street some time just seemed to call out to me.

If I am totally honest I was intially put off a little as I am not a smoker myself and in the past (no-one on here I hasten to add) I have been disappointed with pantied from smokers as the feminine aromas can be over powered by the smell of nicotine.

After chatting a few times I asked CherrySilk about her smoking and she asssured me that her panties would not smell of nicotine.

In a bid to support local enterprise I decided to take a chance and purchased a Victoria’s Secret thong.

When the package arrived I was expecting to get a woft of smoking as I opend up the packet.

To my delight there was none, the thong was well worn and all I could smell was that sweet girly aroma we all love so much.

Now for the usual quality check, holding the thong to my nose I gave them a great big sniff. The aroma was sweet, not overpowering but more than enough to imagine what it would be like to have CherrySilk rubbing her panty covered pussy over my face. Finally I carried out the taste test on the creamy deposits in the gussett. They left a tingling sensation on my tongue as the sweet flavour reached my taste buds.

CherrySilk provided 10 high quality photos of her wearing my thong by email. I had put in some requests for poses and these were all fullfilled admirably.

All in CherrySilk an extremely pleasureable experince from a very sexy chatty young panty seller who I have no doubt will do very well,


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