Succulent Suzie hits the spot.


When Serena asked me to consider taking on this review column she mentioned the possibility of getting some free panties from sellers requesting a review. I thought this was just a sales pitch but imagine my shock and delight when Suzie contacted me offering to send me a free thong to review.

After some very pleasant chats about all sorts of things we discussed what Suzie would send me and then it was just a matter of waiting for the postman to arrive.

First Impressions

Suzie packaged her thong for me firstly, vacuum sealed and wrapped in blue tissue paper with a gold sea and then this was placed inside a gold envelope Finally this package was placed in a plain brown jiffy bag. I usually find when this amount of care is taken in packaging, it is a good omen for what can be expected inside.


When I cut open the vacuum sealed bag, I was met with a very pleasant, distinctively feminine pussy aroma from the panties.

The Panties Themselves

The panties themselves are very cute. Suzie sent me a Glamour Glitter String. There is a little bow on the middle of the top of the front with a narrow strip of elastic for the waist and back. The fabric is soft, stretchy and semi transparent.

On Visual Inspection

Peeling the thong open and looking into the cotton gusset, it is heavily stained with Suzie’s pussy juices from her masturbation. Following next day delivery (being UK based) the layer of off-white translucent discharge on the surface of the thong hadn’t dried and was still thick, creamy and moist.


Aroma & Flavour

The main front of the thong carried the strong aroma of Suzie’s pussy cream, but also held subtle undertones of the aroma of her body and perspiration. I’d like to think that was when she masturbated for me wearing them!

The smell of Suzie’s pussy was very intense immediately over the gusset, and this was incredibly pleasing and very erotic.

Moving further back onto the string the pussy juice smell subtly gives way to the stronger musk of Suzie’s rosebud. This wasn’t a strong smell, just a tiny hint but for lovers of a bit of anal scent, as I am, it is a beautiful way to cap off the overall aroma of a pair of very sexually charged panties.

I put my tongue to the gusset and immediately tasted a subtle sweetness yet slightly acidic tang of the moist pussy cream.

The taste of this thong was every bit as good as I’d hoped it would be, and together with the aroma, it made licking Suzie’s dirty panties clean a very enjoyable experience.

Panty Photos

Suzie provided 5 high quality photos on a cd of her wearing and playing in the thong.

Suzie has asked me to pay tribute to pantyjade who has helped her immensely through what can be quite a daunting prospect of getting started as a panty seller on MUPS


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