Sweet Scented Scarlet aka Scarlet O'Harlot.

Scarlet O’Harlot

Panty Trust Verified! …. Check out her page at Scarletoharlot and MUPS

My first encouter with Scarlet was almost a year ago now, well before I started to write this column. It’s a difficult job balancing the desire for variety against those you have tried and approve of, especially as it all costs money. I keep telling myself to find a handful of girls to buy from and stick with them but it gets more difficult as the numbers selling keeps rising.

I hadn’t chatted to Scarlet for a while when she pm’d me on MUPS and the memories of her lucious panties came flodding back. She is a sweet and sexy young lady who has a great taste in panties, so it’s Scarlets turn to go under the spotlight for a review.

On receiving a package through the mail I quickly opened it to find out if it was from Scarlet and it was.
Inside the plain packaging was the nicely wrapped thong I had ordered.

Well as I love to view a sellers pictures as I open and sample her panties, I decided to check my email and there sure enough was an email from Scarlet with some images attached. Setting the images to view in a slide show I continued to unwrap the package and check out the panties.

I am normally a silk or satin man but these were a soft and smooth material, I would imagine they leave no vpl and from the pictures they certainly hug the body nicely. The aroma eminating from the panties was just as I like it, full of flavour but no overpowering along with a generous helping of juices in the cotton gusset. Unable to resist temptation I held them to my face and took a deep breath followed by the obligatory taste.

How you like a girl to smell and taste is very much a personal thing, Scarlet’s panties are just how I like them. What I can assure you is that Scarlet is one to chat to and try out here wears as I am sure you too will find them to be to your liking.


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