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First Impressions

Out of this world or down to earth? Cosmic Sweetie has something for everyone it seems. She’s a sweet young girl of mixed Asian background who’s been a used panty seller for quite a number of years now. In fact she’s been panty trust verified for more than five years, so you would have to take that as a strong indication that she knows how to look after her buyers. Her site is easy to navigate and easy on the eye with plenty of photos showing exactly what she’s offering. And it’s a pretty cosmic collection ranging from panties to gum and most things in between. There’s lots of photosets and videos of Cosmic Sweetie (or Joyce to her buyers) in all sorts of scenes from solo teasing to girl-girl action and she’ll even do custom pics and videos for you. So cosmic this site certainly is.

The Full Review

Cosmic Sweetie is a very creative used panty seller and this site certainly reflects that creativity and fun style. You can also easily tell that pink is her favourite colour, both on the site as well as in her panties. She’s got a great little body, brown hair and pert little B-cup boobs that are shown off to great effect in the site images and videos. It’s a well laid out site and everything is clearly labelled with an identifying number and price, so you always know what you’re getting and what you’re paying. There’s even an order tracking system so you can keep track of where your panties have…um…got up to :P There is so much on this site for panty perves it actually took me quite a while to look around it – but Joyce is such a pleasure to see that I’m pretty pleased about that and think most buyers will also find touring this site pretty rewarding in lots of nice ways. If you know exactly what you want though it’s also easy to find specific rewards fairly quickly.

To get you started there’s a nice little one page gallery directly off the main page that allows you to immediately see a range of panty styles modelled by Joyce and they can all be enlarged. There’s also a blog page and email page as well as a members section which I’ll come to soon. The main part of the site however, is a drop down list or banner page that covers a universe of panty options. As you’d expect at the top of this list are panties and at the bottom there are custom pics and videos and in between there is something for everyone. There’s bras and clothing, slinky lingerie and sets that are pretty cosmic on this sweetie, hosiery, socks and shoes under the footwear banner and even a specialty section that covers as wide a range of options as I’ve ever seen – want to own Cosmic Sweeties jewelled anal plug? No problem! Gum, Saliva, Toys, dolls, make-up, masturbation sleeves, pussy pops and pee – even her bath puff…it’s all here! It really is a pretty cosmic collection that you can choose from. There’s a nice little streaming video teaser on each of these pages as well, which is a really nice touch.

One of the areas where it’s clear that Cosmic Sweetie has been around for a while is in the photosets and videos area…there’s more than 75 high quality videos and photosets that range from simple compilations, to pic and DVD video combinations of various sizes. The longest video is more than16 minutes and one of the older photosets is more than 2000 pics but most are smaller 5min videos and pic sets of 100-200 images. The themes are as varied as Cosmic Sweetie’s cute panties…there’s up-skirt,cos-play, pee, panties, hosiery, bath-time, toys and workout and quite a few girl-girl so again something for everyone’s kink. All of these videos and pic sets are also accessible under the members section where for a monthly fee you can view these files whenever you like in either streaming format or as downloadable files. Which you choose is really related to your bandwidth. The downloads are full HD so the quality is really fantastic but the files are big (500MB – 1GB for a lot), so if you don’t have the bandwidth the streaming option would probably be better – the quality is still pretty good so it’s not a bad compromise. The download speeds were excellent by the way, even going half way around the world from her Canadian site to my computer.

There is also a smallish Blog on the site to let you know what Joyce is up to but its only one or two entries per month so don’t expect a super detailed life story. It’s always nice to see a ongoing dialogue between a seller and her buyers, as it does show that there is a commitment to the site. In some ways though Joyce’s twitter link ( is a better way to find out what’s happening on a daily basis. In any case there are plenty of options for buyers.

The Bottom Line

This is a big panty site with something for everyone, no matter what you’re into. Cosmic, is as good a way to describe the wide selection of panties and other delectable items on offer, as any I could come up with and the videos and photosets are also impressively varied. So if your indecisive be prepared to spend a few hours here…but rest assured that it will be a few hours of nice sights and a few surprises from this hot Asian Cosmic Sweetie.




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