Nicky's Forbidden Secrets Panty Selling Site Review


Type: Used Panty Seller, since 2010
Reviewed by: Dino
One of the first things you notice about the site is that Nicky is Panty Trust verified, this is a great sight to see almost as good as seeing Nicky’s cute bum in three photos! If you can tear yourself away from that and delve into the site you will find a glorious array of items for sale – not just panties – all accompanied by a photo of Nicky wearing them, there are pictures on most every page so an excuse right there to go ahead and investigate, I certainly reccommend “About Me”, “FAQs” and “Order” before you choose what you want to buy. If you’re unsure of anything after that you didn’t read the article – don’t worry you’re not alone I visted the pages a couple of times before I realised there were words too! Make sure you check out Nicky’s terms too.
Nicky has usefully categorised her wares, (or should that be wears?) into 3 types, once in any category you will find yourself checking out the other categories due to a neat trick Nicky plays, I’ll let you work it out for yourselves – it’s a fun journey. All the items for sale are clearly priced up including standard postage to the UK; if you want extras or require a change in postal service you can do this on the order form. Everything is clearly described and accompanied by images of Nicky modelling them, they all enlarge, believe me I checked – slowly 😉
With a blog and twitter you can find out more about how Nicky lives her life, including her half marathon plans – Nicky is fit in every sense of the word! The site is all Nicky’s own work and she is justly proud of it, it’s a nice experience. They say the forbidden fruit is the tastiest, well from what I can see Nicky IS rather tasty!
I really like the clear consistent layout, and whilst the Panty trust logo is on the landing page you can miss it, it’d look great in her sidebar.


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