NinaToday is the turn of Ms Nina for one of my reviews

Now I have been wanting to “sample” Nina for ages but have only just had the opportunity to do so.

So today I had the pleasure of receiving from Nina a wonderful sexy white lace with pink trim panties via the post all the way from Germany!

The panties were beautifully wrapped. Once I had opened the wrapping i found inside a lovely pink mesh bag and inside that was a zipped locked bag which contained her panties! So I duly opened that bag and was greeted by a lovely sweet exquisite scent coming from within the bag!

They are a very pretty pair white lace (sorry they look pink in my picture) well without a moments hesitation I held them to my nose and deeply breathed in her wonderful scent, while my eyes were closed and it was a delightfully and sweet lovely aroma. I held them against my nose breathing in more for a good few minutes before I could resit no more, i just have to taste her juice stains that she have left on the crotch, now that was Heavenly indeed!

After opening my eyes I decided it was time to look at the pictures that Nina had emailed me beforehand. You know what? she looked stunning wearing her panties just for me. Every pose was a delight to see, she strikes a beautiful pose in all her self taken pictures.

In all, this has been a fantastic experience for me and i have no hesitation in ordering from her again in the near future. So after reading my little review, why don`t you pop over to Nina`s blog and/or auction listing to see for yourselves and try out for yourself Nina`s wonderful delight

Thank you Nina



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