Stewart's Week in Pantyland – week 1

Stewart’s Week in Pantyland

Week 1:24th June



Official News

Congratulations to Dirtyvirgin who has been announced as a new moderator on Panty Hog. She has been a member of MUPS for over a year now, is well versed in our esoteric ways, and is kindly offering her services to Panty Hog.

In other news a forum was initiated on MUPS in order to ask how ‘time of the month’ panties should be worded to potential buyers. It was pointed out by Hazelbiglips that the sale of blood, semen, urine, faeces, in-person sexual encounters, or anything sold to minors is strictly prohibited.


Difficult period for sellers

The past week has been a challenging period for many sellers for a variety of reasons. Two examples being Nookie_Lookie and DirtyVirgin. Nookie_Lookie endured a video games related injury so severe she required to take the whole week off work (though she is keen to point out that her hands and fingers are still operational!). Dirtyvirgin is currently experiencing health problems which will result in the unavoidable delay in orders (please see her blog ‘Incredibly Annoying’ for more details). Please be patient and understanding with these two consistently reliable and experienced sellers at this difficult time.

On a more positive note welcome back Juicy-Lucy who has recovered from illness and is now back in her rightful place, the MUPS shoutbox.



Congratulations to Dr Thong, Dirtyvirgin, Hibiscus, Bunny and BlondeThong for completing exams. I must admit to being somewhat jealous, I loved every second of being a student. I even perversely enjoyed the stress of being approximately 8000 words short on an 8000 word dissertation, with only 4 weeks left, on the impact of the ‘Southern Question’ on Italian unification…happy days! Even though I now cannot imagine living without MUPS, whether I could have successfully completed the dissertation knowing of its existence is hugely contentious. Those who know me are aware that I refuse to live by time boundaries and restrictions. I avoid structure and timetables and opt instead for a more ‘fluid’ lifestyle. I regard my student successes as a miracle from God. 




Compelling blogs/forums of the week

Serena blogged this week to ascertain why MUPS aficionados appear reluctant to post or comment on Panty Hog (PH). The general consensus judging by replies is that MUPS is consistently livelier with fewer members logging on to Panty Hog. The feeling is that although a fine site, it lacks the interaction that MUPS enjoys. Although MUPS was my first love in the used knicker fetish, I feel that the community is substantial enough for the two to co-exist and this will only happen with people taking the time to utilise the facilities PH provides.

Penelope as Femme fatale

Apropos blogging, Penelope has been in fine form this week with her blogs and forum postings. Not content with composing an interesting blog on her harassment of a Bruce Willis look-alike customer at work, our Pen decided on espousing the joy of men in panties with a thread on PH and MUPS. She is hinting at a picture a day – pure filth I’m sure you’ll agree!!!! 

Blog of the week

I do love a good a blog and took it upon myself to incorporate a weekly ‘Blog of the week award’. This was Katykitten’s all week with a brilliant article on her somewhat strange lunch predilections. Despite starting, “This is probably going to be the least interesting blog post ever…” she went on to create an interesting insight into the dinner time (I’m from the north) dilemma that affects all those who whose workplace is located in a location cut adrift. Eulogising over her Tuna Mayonnaise, and a chocolate and caramel spread sandwich (separate) was an enjoyable and more importantly, different, blog.

Then just as the award ceremony was being organised, BlondeThong came out of nowhere and published, ‘A day in the life of Liz’. This is so recent perhaps readers (presuming anyone is reading this) may not have read it yet. Please do – it’s great. It appears that BT is my direct opposite in her methodical and organised approach to life. I unashamedly admit to getting a thrill out of gaining an insight into the life of a panty selling girl. Though Liz – fruit for lunch, and a one and a half hour gym session being the highlight of the day? Seriously, a great read and a fine portrayal of the advantages of regular physical activity.

Great work ladies – BLOG OF THE WEEK – Katykitten and Blonde Thong (shared)



Knix-nicker’s ‘nab me’ plea

In panty news away from the internet, a twice caught knicker thief was handed 3 years’ probation and placed on the sex offender’s programme in Cumbria. Mr Clark, 51, had begged police to arrest him in order to help him overcome his compulsion of stealing knickers from washing lines. Whilst stealing of any nature I cannot condone, stealing clean knickers is not only beyond the pale (sorry!!) but bizarrely strange – who wants clean knickers?


Old favourites return

Two blasts from the past returned to the agenda this week. In what was a quiet time for Panty Wiki, Admin asked if it was true that used panty vending machines operate in Japan. This is a well discussed topic on the internet with conclusive proof somewhat lacking. Gwyneth’s Closet suggests that they do exist despite a campaign to remove them and posts a web link in support of this. Mini Nova blogged of their existence during her trip to Tokyo and suggests that they are sold for 500 Yen (approximately £4).

The issue of self verification was raised on PH in a post by Teacher’s Panties. Serena has set it as a forum question in order to further discuss the issue.



I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Eparker and Summersdelights to MUPS. Also, a welcome back to Poppyperfection and Paris who posted of their return to selling on Panty Hog. I would also like to extend a welcome to BBWElise, a regular on PH, who has joined MUPS.


And finally…..

So what have we learned this week?

·         Video games are perhaps best left to teenage boys

·         KatyKitten has an eccentric taste in sandwiches

·         Japanese panty vending machines just won’t go away

·         MUPS is the greatest place on the internet

·         If you look like Bruce Willis be careful where you place a bet


Next week

And that’s it, thanks for all those who have supported me in this venture – hope I haven’t let you down. Next week I shall (please God) be better. I may have an interview, I could be welcoming a PTV seller, Panty Life shall get a mention…. I may have used wonderwoman knickers!!!




Hategstrings x




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