Alertpay Personal Pro or Business?


Dear Serena,

I plan on signing up with AlertPay.  I found that using Personal pro and requesting money revels your real name.  Business accounts allow you to use a business name.  I read where you advised sellers to get a Personal Pro account.  Is there a way to hide your real name with a Personal Pro account?  What are the negatives to getting a Business account?
Thanks a bunch,
Kim’s Furburger


Hi Kimee
I don’t have much experience with  AlertPay Business Account, but I am aware that the verification process is rather involved, that you have to commit to the account for at least a year, and that you may face hefty fees should you wish to get out of the contact earlier.

However, unlike the Alertpay Pro accounts, you can trade under your business name other then your name, but remember, buyers prefer to deal with the girl next door other then a company, and they are just as worried about you knowing their real names.

I hope this helps.

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