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HI Serena,

I don’t understand which is the best way to verify that I AM A GENUINE GIRL!!  I am a nursery teacher in RL I don’t want the guys to think I’m a man or to see my real name. Every panty website tells me I need to supply verification, is this the real case? If I write my name on a card and take photos do I become “verified”? Or do I have to send it to panty trust? What can do about Alertpay showing my real name? PLESE HELP Serena!

BTW I love your column, thanks for sharing your knowledge you’re the most accomplished panty seller I’ve come across. The net seems full of low quality advice and its very confusing at its best.

Teacher’s Panties XXXX


Hi Teacher, thank you for the vote of confidence : )

There are a number of used panty sites offering some level of self-verification system, it is confusing, which is exactly why some of these systems exists, to confuse you and your buyers. Would your school be a little confused if they thought you had accredit yourself as a teacher? I think they would be.

Offering your buyers and the community a basic verification set of photos holding a sign with your name written on it is always recommend, it provides the receiver a fair idea as to how you look like and it proves they are talking to really is a girl and not Steve. This type of verification is very popular amongst new panty sellers, however, such fairly rudimentary system does not constitute an endorsement of a panty seller or a guarantee of a seller’s business practices and ethics. Which is the crucial point! ‘Yes she looks like a girl, but she can still be a scammer’, is what buyers think.

Buyers no longer buy into the ‘self-verification’ system as they once did, unfortunately these days buyers expect additional security when evaluating panty sellers, such as how long they’ve been on the used panty scene, what other buyers are saying about them, where do they sell, and what does the community think about them.

Panty Trust offers much more then a basic visual verification service, a Panty Trust Verified panty seller has provided additional evidence of their business practices by passing essential checks with the help of the PT committee and not an independent individual –   This is the type of verification which increases the overall security (and therefor your sales) of the used panties network because most panty buyers prefer to do business with trustworthy sellers.

Here are some links to how you can set up Alertpay:

How to create an Alertpay Business Account



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