Maybe I have bad luck?


 I bought panty+ pic from her about 2 weeks ago and she said she will ship item by March 8th and pics via email that day but she said she didnt have time so she said she sent items March 10th. I didnt get pictures that day. So I emailed her and she told me that she was at school so she will send me picture when she comes home today. I still havent got pictures or items so I emailed her what’s going on.
This is what I got-
“Hey Sorry, my friend has got my digital camera with the photos on :/ but I should be getting it back soon. Sorry I’ve not been online, I’ve been working and had university work to do as well.I will send the pics as soon as I get my camera. My friend’s had an operation because she had an abcess so I don’t know exactly when I’ll get the camera. I’m sorry but right now I can’t do anything, and I don’t take kindly to you having a go at me, this is not my fault.”
So now I dont know when I will get pictures. I’ve been scammed by this kinda story before. Could you give me some advice about this situation? I just dont understand her behavior.


The vast majority of newbie are young girls who want to earn some extra cash and share a bit of fun. They spend 20 minutes setting up their auctions, without realising that selling panties (or photos) isn’t as easy as they thought.

Keeping on top of emails from buyers wanting updates on their orders is time consuming,  when it gets too much you’ll hear the average excuses:  ‘my cam broke, my dog chewed my panties, my flatmate stole my laptop’, shortly after most will disappear leaving you with an empty pocket.

Her excuse is unfortunately very common, and even if there was a slight evidence of true, this is nobody’s fault but her own. She took your money, therefor she is fully responsible for the delivery of whatever goods you have paid for. If she can’t deliver, she should do the right thing and send you a refund. 

There is no way we can predict how a new seller will behave, the best one can do is to use a bit of common sense and hope for the best!

On a personal note, I recommend  buyers to engage with Panty Trust Verified ladies.
A panty seller who commits to verify herself will also commit and care about the concerns of her buyers.


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