The Panty Fetish Community and its leeches

This post has no reference whatsoever to any particular event or person, it is a simpler reminder so that when people get suddenly banned for taking advantage of the community, they can’t  turn around and claim innocence.

The panty fetish community welcomes members willing to promote trust and willing to support it (not your friends only). We all share the responsibility to keep  our fellow members safe so that we can keep on selling and buying used panties  free from scammers.
We are not interested in filling panty sites with people who leech without contributing anything back, and no one here is interested in people who give nothing of substance or value in return. Members/leeches that latch onto the community  to suck up all the FREE features available, use it for their own benefit, are along for the ride, have the cheek to complain, bitch, whinge, back-stub etc when they don’t get their ways, are not welcome.

Leeches do nothing more then draining us of time and energy to support each other.

The panty fetish community is great because some sellers (and leeches) manage to pay their rent and phone bills thanks to it, still, no one is asking them to kiss arse, but what we do ask of them is that they should do not disrespect it and our loyal members (not to be confused for ‘established’ members, established does not mean loyal), and that they pull their fingers out when its needed, not just when its convenient to you.

If you are not prepared to support the panty fetish community, you are in the wrong place, and the best thing for you to do is to sign up on any of those sites that will happily charge you 4% for every sales you make and will never question your intentions for as long as you keep on paying up. Or even better, go solo!

Don’t be a leech, or you won’t last.


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