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Dear Serena
Im new to online panty wearing and I was invited to join this site www.iusedknickers.com to make sales I was told that everything was legal and that I had to use my Paypal account for getting payments. I saw many other panty sellers there and I thought it was a good website and it was free too.
Last week Paypal froze my account and fined me $245 beouse they told me I was using my Paypal account on www.iusedknickers.com, Paypal legal email said they banned all adult stuff and that I had to write to the website so I wrote to tell them about this and they never replied but the site is gone now and want to get my money back. Do you know how I can get my money back? Thank you for your time


Don’t hold your breath, Paypal does not offer refunds, once you get caught breaching their terms of use, they will give you the boot and never look back. This panty site seem to be suspended too which suggests they were in breach of someone’s terms of use themselves. Ironic don’t you think? Its highly unlikely they would be willing to offer you any kind of compensation for your loss anyway, which is probably why they never replied to you.

Unfortunately the life-span of most panty sites is very very short, most people (a bit like you) jump on the bandwagon without taking the time to research – They advertise illegal methods of payment, use unsuitable hosting services or don’t understand that terms of use exists for a good reason and should never be disregarded. In same cases people end up loosing large sums of money, or even have their identities stolen because they trusted an email inviting them to a nice free pink panty site that will make them tons and tons of cash.
My advice is to join reputable sites and get recommendations from established community members other than accepting random invitations.  Also, research, read and ask questions! There are NO PAYPAL signs allover the adult web.

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