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How to make a mobile used panty websiteLadies and gentlemen! I did some hunting around and found out that the website I used to build my website: now let’s users build mobile websites for free! Once you sign up on go to this link: . They haven’t officially released this feature so you have to use the above link to create and edit your mobile website. It’s really cool because even though the domain name I own ( is set to go to the computer website I built ( when I use my url to go to my website on my phone (I have a Samsung Epic) Wix automatically recognizes that I’m on a mobile device and takes me to the mobile version of my website instead (! It’s super convenient!

Even if you aren’t interested in having a mobile website in addition to a normal website I highly recommend to build your website. They have a lot of nice templates and you can create your website from scratch too. It’s also pretty easy to do since you don’t need to know html to do it. It’s just simple drag and drop kind of editing. I built both my normal website and mobile website on there completely for free! They do have their add on my website but it’s not distracting at all. I really recommend it! I’ve only been selling panties for like 2 weeks and I’ve already had customers specifically request I have a mobile website so they can shop through my panties on the go on their cell phones 🙂 Having a simple and nice looking website that gives people the information they need to get your panties is very important 🙂


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