Do You Need A Photo Host?

If you don’t have a website, you might find that you need a photo host. Be careful! Photo hosts come in all sorts of colours. What I mean is that some are free, some cost money, some allow adult photos, and some don’t allow adult photos. Having good photos is probably the most important thing in your auction listing so you want to make sure you do it right. It might save you a few quid to load your panty photos on a host that doesn’t allow them but what usually happens is that they get deleted and then you have an auction with no photos at all which is useless. 

If you are using ebanned you’ll see that ebanned advertises its own photo hosting service called photeto. It is best to avoid the photeto photo service because it costs more than other services and seems to be offline a whole lot. When it goes offline you have no photos! If you read through the ebanned forums or do a Google search you’ll see all the complaints from girls whose auctions get ruined from having no photos showing when the site is down. The problem here is that ebanned hosts photeto on a simple $7.00 a month Dreamhost website hosting account that is meant to host a website not thousands of photos. Photeto may sell a hundred photo hosting plans but they still only pay only $7.00 a month to host the entire photeto website and all the photos. Making thousands of dollars above their $7.00 a month cost is great for ebanned/photeto’s profit, but really bad news for the girls depending on the photo host to be working good enough to show their photos. You’d be better off opening your own Dreamhost account for $7.00 a month and having it all to yourself instead of paying more to share it with a bunch of other people. Do your research before picking a photo host!
The best thing to do is to find a photo host that isn’t owned/associated with an auction site. This way you will be dealing with a service that focuses totally on photo hosting. A photo hosting only service will be much more professional and won’t cut corners on the computer resources needed to run the service and their prices and customer service will generally be much better. 


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