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Contributed by Ozzy of designsdigital.com

I’ve decided to give you a couple of tips and hints on how to make your website more attractive and most importantly more readable. I’m not going to talk about how to do fancy graphics and such. I’d rather want to talk about the purpose and the layout of a panty website Smiley

OK, we all know that your website is about selling your panties. You want more and more people to visit your website and hopefully buy from you. You can make people visit your website by link exchanges, forums, portals, emails etc. That’s the easy part. BUT how do you make the panty fans come again and again and buy from you? Now that requires some planning.

I created an example page for you. It’s not gonna get any design awards but at least it gives some basic layout tips.
The link is

* There is only one image on that page and I grabbed it from some thumnail gallery website. Since its just an example page i thought it wouldnt be a problem. well if it is then let me know.

* Only one page is active and that is the page you see. All are dead links.

Here are some of the DOs and DONTs for your website.

Intro Page
You know thats the page where you put the legal mumbo-jumbo and tell them to hit the road or enter the website.

Don’t clutter the intro page with all soft of graphics, links and banners. You are telling the visitor that the site is adult oriented. They should leave if they are either under age or offended or other stuff  and then put all the other adult banners below. That doesn’t make a lot of sense. It also makes the pages load slower.

Also, don’t put the "Enter/Leave" button or link waaayyy down the page. Make it stand out and make it visible without having to scroll down the page.


Before attempting to create website, write down all the materials you came up with so far in general.

How many pages are there going to be?
What are they? (about me, panties etc.)
What is going to be inside the pages?
What am I going to talk about?

The content doesn’t revolve around the design.
The Design revolves around the Content!

Unless you are a news site or an information site or a portal where there are tons of pages to read and tons of content, make your site fixed width. By that I mean the site doesn’t fill the whole space in your browser. a 700-750px width is perfectly fine.

but why not fill the whole space?

couple of reasons:
First, If you dont’t have a lot of text and the width fills the whole space then your pages will look empty

Second, It makes your text hard to read. Look at any books, newspaper articles etc. You’ll see that they are all written in a narrow space rather than the whole available paper space.

When we read we don’t actually read but scan the bits of information with our eyes and it is just easier to scan in a narrow space. It makes the text easier to read.

Mile Long Pages

Some girls like to put everything on one page. The page goes on and on and on and on… By the time you reach the bottom of the page, you have no idea what was in the middle, what was at the top.

Talk about losing concentration!

Break down the pages. Don’t make them a mile long. It’s easier for the visitor to click on "Page 2, Page 3" etc than scrolling down a mile!

It makes your site organized, easier to navigate and faster loading.


Breaking it down again!

Seperate your text into paragraphs. Don’t put everything in one paragraph. (Again refer to your local newspaper for examples) Smiley

Use Bulleted Lists! Let’s say you want to talk about the things you sell and things you don’t sell. Again, don’t stuff them into one paragraph. It’s harder to read.

"I sell socks, pantyhose, bras, socks, shoes, tshirts, photos, videos, cam sessions. I don’t do scat, pee, period items."

(refer to my example page and you’ll see what I mean)

Don’t use HUGE fonts for all your text
Don’t use tiny little text either.

Deadly combination: White small text on black background! Try it and see how many people you can blind!

Make Them Click

Now I’m not talking about tricky stuff like hidden links, links that go to your affiliates, click throughs and other annoyances.

I’m talking about grabbing interest! Try to make things interesting.

For example instead of saying "I have a red panty for sale" say something like "Do you like RED?" then link it to your page. Make your visitor wonder. What is it? a red panty? a red bra? a pair of red socks? hmm.. I think I wanna know!

But DON’T abuse it. We are not playing a guessing game here. We are tying to grab attention and be playful.

Your imagination is your boundry.

* again you can refer to my example page for that


Right Side Reading

That is real life a term used by the designers.

Your important news, announcements, links go to the RIGHT side of the screen.

Just like our eyes tend to scan the text in a paragraph instead of reading it letter by letter, our eyes tend to focus on the right side of a given surface.

Grab a magazine right now. Go ahead. Yes, right now. If 90% of the ADs are not on the right pages then I’ll give you a free panty… uhmm  Tongue  Shocked lol


Other Notes

* Drop the Videos! PLEASE! I dont wanna hear britney spears or some other rapper blaring!  mad

* Don’t over emphasize! If you are emphasizing everything you are not emphasizing anything!

*Most girls like to do that but PLEASE don’t CENTER all the text on your pages!

Design and Layout is not just about opening up Photoshop and using twohundredandsixtyfive filters blindly.

I do believe those little tips makes your pages more "visitor friendly". Don’t scare them away.

There are many more design elements that I can talk about for example margins, negative space, typography etc. but that would make this post a mile long if it isnt already lol

Feel free to make additions to this post.

I hope you like it.

That’s all for now…



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