The Death of Alertpay

Sadly for our used panties fetish community, the Alertpay situation has gotten much to the point where Alertpay has practically become a redundant method of payment.

A few weeks ago we were made aware of how Alertpay stopped accepting credit cards due to their CC processors polices being reassessed, tragically Alertpay has now lost their banking abilities too. This means that used panty buyers can no longer transfer funds between their bank and their Alertpay account, and that the only way to add money to an Alertpay account at this time is to go to a bank and pay a bank to wire money to Alertpay.

This can cost the account holder anything between $20 and $30, a very expensive options which understandably not many people are willing to explore. As a result used panty buyers can’t pay panty sellers because they can no longer transfer money into their Alertpay for free, and Panty Trust applicants can no longer transfer balance to their Alertpay account to pay their Panty Trust membership deposit and fees.

Panty Trust is currently investigating alternative online processor to replace Alertpay, in the mean time, the recommended methods of payments to buy and sell used panties are Bank Transfers/ BACS (UK only, fast and 100% secure), cheques, postal orders, US money orders or well concealed cash.

Further more, to facilitate new members’ fee payments, Panty Trust is temporarily suspending the requirement for $5 fee deposit and will accept one final payment of $50 / £30 /€ 35 at the end of the assessment process when the applicant membership is fully approved and in place.


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