Ebanned Launches My Used Panty Store Duplicate

In used panty industry news, Ebanned, an adult auction site that includes a used panty category, has announced an increase in auction fees charged to sellers and has launched a new stores service. The new stores area allows sellers to create a store front and populate it with goods for sale. If Ebanned’s new stores area looks familiar, it is. The Ebanned stores area looks and appears to work as an exact duplicate of the My Used Panty Store Sales Center, the industry leader in number of panties listed and sold per month. The exact replica of the My Used Panty Store sales area on the Ebanned URL has caused some confusion for panty sellers and panty buyers and sparked rumors of a possible merge between the two sites. While Ebanned did not respond to a request for comment on this confusion, PK, co-owner of My Used Panty Store has denied any involvement with the new Ebanned site – “MUPS has nothing to do with it”, said PK ” This seems to be simply a case of Ebanned studying the MUPS sales area, and deciding to duplicate it for their own site. Colors and all, it is a bit ironic for a site which bills itself as ‘original’.”

While the two site’s stores areas may look exactly the same, the similarities stop at the pricing. While an unlimited item store on My Used Panty Store is completely free, Ebanned’s fee page shows a fee of $55.00 a month for a store with a limit on the amount of items allowed. In addition to the $55 a month store fee, listing items in an Ebanned store will cost sellers additional fees such as an 8% commission on sales, $5.00 to include a video, $0.10 to include a photo, and $5.00 to use the digital download function while My Used Panty Store charges a flat 4% commission on sold items and provides all of the photo, video, and digital download at no cost to sellers with their free stores.

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