Panty Sales Venue Announces Update

As I reported in my post earlier this month, after only one year, My Used Panty Store appears to have established itself as the top panty selling and buying venue on the internet. It sales volume and number of panty listings now surpass any other panty sales venue on the web. One of the keys to its success appears to be that it offers cutting edge features to both sellers and buyers. Sellers and buyers alike have expressed their fondness for the sales control panel which keeps all sales and buying data neatly available, and everyone seems to appreciate the ability to add photos and video to the listings without a need or the expense of a separate service.

Last week My Used Panty Store announced a significant upgrade to the site last week which will no doubt cause the anxiety its competitors’ were already experiencing to triple. According to the statement on MUPS regarding the upgrade, new and changed features in the MUPS sales area include;

Instant Digital download of photos and video
Alertpay instant payment fix
Reverse auctions
Combined invoicing (buyer/seller created)
Combined/reduced shipping
Ability to edit/preview invoice
Real time currency conversion
Support for currency symbols i.e. $, £, € as opposed to USD/GBP/EUR
Listing steps reduced (will expand on selection)
Require instant payment on buy out purchases
Support for embedded content (Youtube url’s etc)
Bid retraction notification to both parties
Instant new message notification on login
Make feedback/reputation private
Add option to edit a draft
True Dutch auctions (aka First Bidder Auction)
Ability to end an item early and assign winner
Edit sale price (reduction only)
Ability for seller to add custom invoice notes
Additional shipping calculation method (set rate for first item and second rate for all other items purchased in the same invoice)
Amazon Payments
Ability to set national/local shipping rates (percentage or flat and based on country/state)
Sold items search (buyer/item number and date sold)


Grey Sinler is an independent, freelance writer who enjoys following the latest stories in the used panty industry. If you have an industry news tip, please send it Grey via pm from his profile.


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