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I love to read the stories of how panty lovers use and enjoy the panties that they acquire. I thougt I’d highlight two really nice ones shared by users in the Panty Talk forums in case you hadn’t noticed them. Remember, we want your story too, send it in today!

Contributed by moondog
I’m actually enjoying a fresh pair of saucy panties that just came in the mail today. I’ve got them on my head with the gusset over my nose and mouth as I write this. My cock is so fucking hard that every time my heart beats my dick jumps up and down. Honest to God, I’ve got my cock trained so well at this point that when I open my mailbox and see a fat 6 x 9 envelope I get an instant hard on. My first impulse is to rip open the package and spank myself like a madman. However, I resist this and instead spend several hours getting to know every fiber, texture, and aroma of the the new panties. While I know I’d blow pretty good with the panties right out of the envelope, this several hours long ritual works to build up such an intense orgasm that I literally scream when I finally let myself cum and shake for a half hour afterwards due to the physical toll of such an intense orgasm. I guess this is like tantric sex with panties. I would highly recommend that others try this slow tease technique as it is truely like nothing else. I’m off to continue enjoying my newest find.

Contributed by panty freek

The first thing I do is sniff them and get an idea of the person that wore them. I then lick the crotch and get them                                                                                                                                   

nice and wet and even more smelly. As I hold them to my face I drop my pants and hold my member and wish that it was the owner holding me. After I have licked the crotch and sniffed it, I wrap them around my member and SLOWWWWLY stroke up and down. ( if I have gotten from a LOVELY that has a web-site I go there and look at her) I love to stroke sloooowly and once in a while I will remove them and sniff and lick some more. I then start stroking FAST and FURIOUSLY until I shoot LOTS of cum into the air and all over my belly. ( I dont shoot into the panties unless I know I will get more soon. I dont want to mask her scent with mine. I hope you enjoyed my usages of panties.



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