First Pair Sold : )

 Hey Panty Hog Members,

 First panties soldFirst off, I just want to write a big thank you to pantySnatchER !! I feel so lucky to have sold my first pair to him he made me feel so special with all his kind words. He new exactly what he wanted we exchanged emails and he picked out a red thong

(His favorite color) made by Victor’s Secret we agreed on some extras and the deal was done first pair sold YES! I expressed to him that I was really nervous and excited.        …Email from him It doesn’t take that much to please me, as you can tell I just love women’s panties but I can tell you really care about what your doing and that’s going to make me enjoy them even more”

     After reading this I felt more at ease because looking at his collection boy was I intimidated!!!

       We made the deal on Saturday night for an extra day of wear, well that night after the deal was done I had to slip the panties on and worked myself into a frenzy took me like two minutes to have a massive orgasm!!! Sunday I wore them shopping all day I could feel them riding up deep into my pussy all I could think about was him sniffing them and enjoying my scent. OMG I was so wet I just hadto do a sniff test about lunch time, I took a bathroom break and decided to slip my finger inside my panties, I had no intentions of sliding my finger so deep inside my pussy it was so wet and dripping and smelled so great!! I took a peek at my panty crotch …  boy was it soaked!!  After shopping all day finally arrived at home and settled in. I wanted to take a better look at my panties I was preparing for him I felt so proud that I had  to send him a extra picture on how well the panties were turning out.

         His email remark was by the looks of your panties, you’ll have me cumming back for more. This made me feel like I was on top of the world.

        After that email I started rubbing on my panties wanting to make them super hot for him found myself pushing the thong crotch deep inside me with my right index finger, my left index finger had to got some action also. So just picture my panty crotch pushed deep into my pussy and my left hand working my clit equals major orgasm!! 

    Well day two has begun with his panties tight against my puss this morning. So off to work I go I can feel my juices flowing onto the panties as I type this. If today turns out anything close to what Saturday night and yesterday was pantySnatchER should hopefully be very pleased with my first panty sell when they arrive.   : ) Ally




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