Dr Thong takes on the London 10K

It’s that time of year, the exam for my final timetable is out, deadlines are looming, the temperature is getting slightly less Baltic…and I’ve now found a new way of procrastinating! Those of you who know me will be aware that unless it involves snow and a mountain slope, I avoid exercise at all costs – but in an attempt to change, I’ve gone in at the deep end and signed up for the British 10K London Run in July! I’m so unfit that I get breathless going up the stairs but I’m now going to be running (or crawling) at least three times a week, which is torture for me but a good thing for all you panty lovers who like their goodies exercised in!

I’ll be adding an option on my order form for those of you who’d like to give my running panties a go!

Wish me luck!

Dr Thong x

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