eBare Announces Birthday Celebration

eBare’s 1st Birthday Party!!

It’s our very 1st birthday on 15th December and to celebrate we thought it would be great idea to have a party for our members, yes – that’s right – on us!!!!? We have arranged the following for?our members and partners:

Neil & I will be privately hiring the venue ourselves – so its a completely free entry for you. The venue is a private VIP room in a massive nightclub in Ipswich. We’ve chosen Ipswich as it is well placed for travel links around the country – we will have details of B&Bs if needed. Obviously this may be a bit difficult for our members across the pond but who knows, next year……

We will hold our 1st Birthday bash in the VIP room (capacity of 165) which overlooks the main nightclub which has a capacity of 1500 (Big place) with resident DJ, ?air conditioning, our own bar and bar staff, our own security staff, VIP Q jumping and best of all A PRIVATE JACUZZI ROOM with private changing facilities and showers (we’ll leave that completely up to your own imagination – you dont have to get involved there at all if you dont want to)

We have provisional dates of the following:

Fri 18th, Fri 25th November and also Fri 2nd December – sorry folks they dont hire out to private parties on Saturdays.

So, firstly we need to know which dates are more popular- please vote on our poll ( 1 vote for every person please ie: if you are an ebare member (Its free to join) and would like to bring 3 other guests please stick 4 votes in – thanks)

The date with the most votes wins!

The poll is located in our forum.

Unfortunately it will be a case of first come first served so get in quick as there are only 163 tickets up for grabs and considering the number of members we have – we think they’ll go pretty quick

Is this the first of its kind – we dont know, but we do know it will be a fantastic night, bring your partner, come and join us!

Neil & Lisa


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