Footwear Now Offered on UsedPantyRaid

It took a few hours of taking pictures, changing in and out of pantyhose and socks, running back and forth from the wall to my tripod setup, and sorting, editing and uploading photos but I finally did it….. I now have footwear on my website! I love footsies :3 I have so many cute sockies and colorful pantyhose that are just sitting in my dresser waiting to make someone happy! Like the panties I offer, I can wear the pantyhose and socks for multiple days and I take orders for custom photo sets modeling the item you choose and some nudies :3 I can wear the pantyhose with or without a panty underneath based on your preference :3

I’ve also got a blog post that serves as a mobile catalogue so people looking me up on their cell phone can still shop through my items. I’m very excited about this new panty and footsie adventure I’ve embarked on and I couldn’t be more humbled by the warm welcome I’ve received from buyers and fellow sellers. You all are beautiful! Thank you so much! Let’s have fun indulging ourselves :3


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