Generating and increasing used panty sales

1. – Become a verified seller

Boost sales with the certified member badge

By becoming a verified member, no doubts will be raised about if the panties that you’re selling aren’t genuine. Verification provides concrete proof that you are not a fake. When men buy panties, they want to know that they will own genuine items – such peace of mind is guaranteed by registering an account and having it verified. As a result, sales can increase which can be difficult to achieve if an account is not verified – it’s in your best interests to do so either way. Learn more about the benefits of being verified.

2. – Networking and promoting your used panties

Promoting your used undies

Promoting your used undies

Offering a great way to make easy money, networking is important and you shouldn’t sit back and wait for sales figures to rise. By deciding to chat with fetish buyers, you can start to build a business relationship with them. Getting in touch with potential customers that could buy your panties can result in them becoming more trustworthy of your products, especially as they can ask any questions, such as the types of panties they like and a certain condition. Communicating with fetish buyers also helps with promoting your Pantydeal profile.

3. – Prove that you’re not fake

Verified members have the Certified badge

Get the certified member badge

By demonstrating that the items which you’re selling are genuine, you can generate more sales in less time. In order to increase sales and make more money, post videos wearing used undies. When fetish buyers are fully aware that the panties that they could own are worn by the gorgeous girl in a video and not someone else, there will be far more interest in them. Sexy pictures can also be taken. You don’t need to have any experience in making amateur porn such as this because a smartphone can be used.

4. – Get good reviews from happy fetish buyers

Get some good reviews to boost your sales

Get some good reviews to boost your sales

After panties have been sold, ask your customers to write positive reviews. A great way to boost your sales, having encouraging reviews also paints a profile in a positive light, especially as other fetish buyers are fully aware that they can choose your panties with confidence. When every item continuously gets positive reviews, you’ll be regarded as a Hot Seller. Appearing high on search results when fetishists are looking for panties that they could buy, you might even get repeat orders from the same customers because of such feedback.

5. – Fulfil fetish buyer’s demands



By providing fetish buyers with the panties that they want, this helps to promote your profile further. As customer’s demands are met, positive word of mouth can spread. By selling a wide range of panties, there can be more visitors on your profile who will also be happy with every item that you have for sale. If fetish buyers’ state that they want to own hot thongs which are soiled, these can be provided. The items that are sold can even be promoted to fetish buyers that haven’t got in touch before.


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