What a Great Community

Kinky KateHello Everyone! I’d like to take this opportunity to say how much fun I have had getting to know many members of the PantyHog community.  You are all a great bunch of people, buyers & sellers alike. 

I have put alot of time into my store at the Panty-Mall & I’m very pleased with the outcome.  I enjoy the way I can present my products to you, the customer, & the store tools which make the order process so easy & enjoyable for you & I both. (Thanks PK & Amy!) (click "read more")

Just a reminder for you all to take a peek at what I have to offer in my Panty-Mall Store.  I have added some new items within the last few days with more to come in the days to follow.  I always have some items on sale too!  If you are a past customer, feel free to leave a review of either a specific product in my store or a review of the store overall. 

Wishing you pleasant Surprises, Kinky Kate


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