Hey Guys!!

Hey guys!! It’s pencap38!! I’m the artist that put the pig in panty hog!! Back in the day I painted the original panty hog!! Oh MY God!! This site is still up and doing great I may say!! I’ve been in a State Sponsored Vacation for about 3 years…I’d never thought that Panty Hog would still be around…but you know what? I  am in need of some panty people! I’ve started my own little publishing feature for prison inmates. There are people out there that JUST NEED some pictures of Panty clad ladies. I want to do right by copyright law and procedure, and I dont want to just “steal” pictures off of the internet…I want to sell pictures of “Girlfriends” that these unfortunate people desire. Panty Hog looks like it’d be a perfect place to get started. I’d like to advertise your panty photos for sale to Inmates. I’d be happy to sell your copyrighted photos to my marketable  contacts. You would recieve residual royalties everytime an order for your “categorized” photo came though. I will send you Paypal deposits… all you need to do is provide ole Pencap with yourpaypal deposit info, and your approved panty pics…I’ll pay you “per Click”   if you are interested please contact me so that you can be featured in the July Catalog of  “Pencap’s Pin-ups.  contact me : Scott  @   [email protected]


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