Happy Smell-O-Ween From Penelope and Doctor Thong ( Joint Auction )



So, you lucky lucky buyers, Penelope and Doctor Thong decided they would give everyone a fright this year and sell some panties together! We have Several matching pairs of panties that you can buy as a set from us and with each pair you will recieve a Trick Or Treat!


Penelopes MUPS Auction – http://www.pantybid.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=230942
Doctor Thongs Auction –  http://www.pantybid.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=230944
otherwise Please email for details:
[email protected]
[email protected]


*How it will work*


once a pair has been chosen and purchased, Doctor Thong and I, will both wear the pair for the selected amount of days at the same time, we will both send them to you on the same day, so you can recieve 2 packages, one from her, and one from myself at the same time 🙂


As we want to do something a little special since its halloween, Doctor Thong and I have made a list of Tricks and Treats.


There are 8 Tricks to complete to get all the goodies we have instore for you, if you don’t do your trick like a good boy, Then you wont get your treat, And trust me.. these are some Treats you WANT to get!


*What’s up gor grabs*


(In no particular order )


29 HD pictures ranging from 1158X771 to 1600X1200 of us together getting intimate,


Pussy Pops, Stuffing Videos, Teasing Videos, Special picturesets in your chosen pairs and Extra days wear in your chosen panties.


Now to get ALL of these great Treats from us, You will need to complete ALL of the Tricks we give you. Each time your have completed a trick, You will be told what the next TREAT is instore for you next, should you want that, then you can complete the next trick we give you and so on and so forth till you finish all 8. If you dont want the next Treat, you can simply refuse and stop and take away the goodies you do have 😀


Anyone to do ALL 8 tricks completly will a 20 minute video from both myself AND Dr Thong, masturbating with a toy, and you will also recieve the toy!!!


You will be asked for your email so that myself and Dr Thong can email you at the same time to see your progress for the Tricks!




**Both of us are Panty Trust Verified, Due to the nature of wearing panties at the same time, as we are both popular Sellers, We have already pre saved time starting 14th November onwards. Until that time, all the tricks and treats will be taking place, and you will join our panty que once BOTH of our auctions for this special are purchased. You will have to pay this full auction amount to myself, and Dr Thongs Full amount to her from her auction, But the two MUST be purchased together to get the trick and treats!
*Panties for sale*




Cotton Black with white star



Cotton Purple with flowers





Cotton I <3 Nerds snoopy



Cotton Red polkadot



Dark Pink Lace



Zebra Print



Cotton Glitter Zebra print



Orange Lace



Pink leopard print frillys



Pink and purple mesh seethrough




Pink polkadot with yellow lace



Pink satin with mesh back



Cotton purple with blue polkadots



Purple Mesh seethrough



Lycra Purple




White satin with frills



*Postage And Packaging*


Both of us will vacuum seal your panties up, wrap them up in decorative tissue paper, and write a personalized thankyou card, Then slip it into a bubble wrap brown envelope and shipped either Airmail to US or First class Large Letter to UK.
Thanks for viewing, Heres just a little preview of the kinda treats were giving 🙂 Enjoy!



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