Sasha's Election Day "Stimulus Package"

SashaHello all!  It's dark by the end of the workday, the markets are still in a precarious spot and everyone is a little on edge… so on that happy note, let's have a panty party!  Check out my Stimulus Package…  

  • All panty orders placed in the next week will receive any second pair of panties free!  This includes shipping and photos!
  • All non-panty orders over $50 will receive a 20% discount!!!
  • With any order, make a wager as to the outcome of the US Presidential race.  I will randomly choose from the correct guesses and one lucky so-and-so will receive a extra-special gift package!

I will also be running a no purchase necessary version of the election contest on my blog.  Please stop by and add to the fun with your thoughts! or

XOXOX  Sasha 


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