An Alternative to YouTube..

An alternative to YouTube… Frustration; Frustration and I don’t mean in the sexual sense!!  Easy Tiger, I know what you’re thinking but here was my dilemma…  Yet again my naughty little clips that I had lovely made, edited and uploaded to YouTubeTM have been removed again for content violation and I had finally run the last gauntlet of X-rated material and my booty was saved from being banned… L

Alas and eureka I thought, to hell with googletm and its social network of small minded followers, I will create my own social network for video sharing. A week later and after some generous blow jobs along the way was launched.

The user interface is very similar to YT so if you have used YT then you will have no problems at Just to point out that this is a FREE service aimed at those that want to share their videos and those that want to watch. The best thing about it is that adult material is accepted and you can embed your video into blogs or your website without the risk of violating any content barriers.

Although; let’s make one thing clear. I will not accept ANY Socially Unaccepted Material and if found I will report you to your Country’s Authorities’. Nuff Said.

So please feel free to wander over and post your little clips.

Take real good care,

Delene xxxxx


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