Lily and Miss Honey Join Panty Trust

HoneyLilyJanuary 14, 2010 For General Release to Adult News Services. Panty Trust has announced the addition of Lily and Miss Honey as its two newest members. Lily is from the UK and Honey from the USA. Both members offer a variety of used panty related items for sale to admirers thoughout the world.

Used panty buyers can buy with confidence from these two ladies and the other ladies from the North America, Europe, Austrailia, the Middle East, and Asia that have shown their commitment to promoting trust in the used lingerie community by joining Panty Trust. Lily’s new Panty Trust page can be seen here, and Honey’s page can be viewed here. 


Panty Trust is a free service for both sellers and buyers of used lingerie. Verified members are a very select group of used panty sellers who have taken the time and effort to follow a detailed verification process to let buyers know that they are very serious about customer service and trust issues in the used panty community.


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