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Hey All!

Just wanted to Invite all you panty fans to come join us in the chatroom over at myusedpantystore.

The site itself ( if your not a member ) is quick and easy to sign upto and we would love to have you there.

Myself ( penelope ) and Rosco have put alot of time into making a group on Mups that you can join where we have listed all the dates where the chat will have a hosted ” themed ” night. However the chat is open 24/7 to all its members!

so for all of those who love to chat as much as we do, come and join us in the chatroom! Mups is a great social site for making friends with people with similar fetish’s and interests.

If you do have a cam feel free to pop it on, Remember guys and girls you WILL NOT be judged in this place, everyone has there own kinks and fetishes and we tolerate them if you put a cam on and anyone makes nasty comments to you let a member of staff know – we do not tolerate bullying or prejudice.


For the confident ladies and gent’s that like to show off their goods, Look out for Webcam Kink Nights where we hope to see lots of webcams on show!

For the more shy / new members that haven’t been into the chatroom, come on down on Sundays, It’s a perfect place to meet new faces and other new members!



Chat is NOT a place to sit and watch ladies on cam.

The Chatroom is ultimately to socialize, Therefore anyone taking advantage of the ladies on cam, will not be welcome. Men just veiwing cams and not chatting will be asked to chat or asked to leave.

** Upcoming Hosted Chat Nights **

Monday 26th Sept @ 8.30pmGMT till Late Kink Night Tonight! – hosted By Penelope

Tuesday 27th Sept @ 8pmGMT  till late Kink Night Tonight!  – hosted By Penelope

Wednesday 28th sept @ 8.30 till 10pm GMT – hosted by penelope

Tuesday 4th October @ 8pmGMT till late Panty Cam Show By Penelope ( will take place in a private room thats password protected, Message me for details )  – hosted By Penelope


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