Panty Trust welcomes our 4 newest verified members

Panty Trust is delighted to welcome our 4 newest verified members who have joined Panty Trust last week. 

Every member of Panty Trust sought out Panty Trust and went through a rigorous, multifaceted process to become a member and must maintain a flawless sales history to maintain their membership.

When you buy from a Panty Trust member, you buy with the full benefit of the Panty Trust organization’s reputation. Each and every one of the several hundred Panty Trust member’s reputation is on the line when you buy from a member so you have several hundred Panty Sellers with a vested interest in making it your best purchase ever.

You can buy from Moo, Dirty Anne, Sexy Lek and Tabitha with 100% confidence.


Moo, AKA Sailor Moon from Thailand. Moo is a naughty girl from Thailand who gets turned on when guys smell and taste her used panties. She sells panties, pantyhose, stockings, bras, nighties, also videos and picture sets.



Dirty Anne from Scotland UK. Dirty Anne is easy going and will try anything once, she works part time but still find plenty of time for indulging in her sexual fetishes, like dressing up in sexy lingerie, watching porn and for filling her sexual fantasies.





Sexy Lek from Thailand. Sexy Lek, she is a 29 yo single, adventurous girl who loves wearing sexy panties.
Lek loves going out clubbing and love to dance – when she’s not getting sweaty on the dancefloor, she’s not having fun!



Tabitha Lynn from the US. Tabitha is an artist who finds beauty in music, sex, art, poetry, and life.
She loves sharing her tantalizing scent and will be pleased to fulfill any special request.







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