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Panty Trust would like to welcome our 2 newest verified members


Daddy’s Girl is a young Asian-Dutch naughty girl living in Australia.

She has lots of different types of panties which she loves to share after she has worn them all day and cum in them with the help of her huge collection of toys.











Jelly is a sensual alternative hippy chick from the UK. She has always enjoyed sexy underwear, the feel of the material on her bare skin excites her. Jelly can’t wait to share her indulgence with you. She also loves finding out about new and exciting fetishes. 

What is Panty Trust?

Panty Trust is an organization that works to better the used panties community by promoting trust between buyer and seller of used panties and fetish items. Panty Trust promotes trust between panty buyer and panty seller in multiple ways. Most commonly by promoting individuals that adhere to a strict and ethical standard of fair business practices, by providing, independent, third-party dispute resolution services, and through providing educational material and information aimed at helping panty buyers and sellers to have fair, safe transactions, alerting the used /panty community to problems that could effect the their well being or transactions, and by ensuring that its members set the bar as role models for the used panties and fetish community.


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