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I have been meaning to write a review of PantieHo for a few weeks now but I have been unable to tear myself away from her panties.

Lately I seem to be homeing in on new sellers, especially those here in the UK and I am happy to say that PantieHo is an excellent addition to the MUPS ranks.

Just starting out as she was, I was happy to answer any questions about MUPS and panty selling and we had and continue to have some great chats.

Being new we discussed my likes and dislikes and she was very open and honest about fullfilling my desires.

After placing my first order I waited in anticipation. Right on time the package arrived and I couldn’t wait to open it.


The package was plain and gave no hints as to what could be inside. Carefully I opened it upto find a very nicely ribbon tied packet of tissue paper. Alos enclosed was a card with a hand written note (and a cocktail recipie on the back). I was now thinking good things as generally girls who make the effort to wrap their panties so meticulously take pride in what they are doing.

After a moment admiring the neatness of the packet I ripped the thing apart to reveal the panty I had ordered. There it was, a silky sexy thong. Her aroma hit me, it was very strong but in a good way and as I examined the thong more closely I realised the gusset was still creamy and damp.

Lifting this to my nose I inhaled and the smell was delicious. I couldn’t hold back and had to taste those creamy deposits and that too was so sweet. I closed my eyes and imagined she was right there with me.


Suffice it to say that I like PantieHo so much that I have already made several additional purchases.

In summary Pantieho is a very sexy lady who knows how to make a man feel special. She has always picked out thongs that match my likes to a tee with regard to style and material and wears them to perfection. Her aroma is delectable and she tastes so sweet. A must for all panty connoisseurs.


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