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Site: http://www.doctorthong.com/ Reviewed by Al

First Impressions


If you’ve got a serious condition like Panty Fever then the stunning brunette Dr Thong may be just the lifesaver you need to put the sparkle back in your step and the scent in your nose.
She’s Panty Trust Verified. Her site is easy to navigate, has a good selection of panties, hosiery and other items. There are only a couple of photosets so far but its early days for this site yet.
Ordering is easy and the delectable Doctor ships free in the UK (International Orders pay shipping costs). As first impressions go, it’s all good!
Fast Panty Facts:
  • Panty Trust Verified
  • Knickers, Panties, Stockings, Socks, Picture Sets and More.
  • online bank transfer, AlertPay and Amazon Giftcard
  • Free UK shipping (Recorded or International Shipping Extra)
  • 3 Verification photos with panty orders



The Full Review

Despite the fact that Dr Thong hasn’t been selling for very long the site is pretty slick and ticks all the right boxes to identify a reliable panty seller. Most importantly for peace of mind, Dr Thong is Panty Trust Verified. The site is easy to get around with a simple set of well laid out pages that present you with all of Dr Thong’s options. And I’ve got to say – what pretty options they are indeed! This 22 year-old London student with long flowing hair certainly likes more than her books.

Dr Thong’s medications are most efficacious and come in a wide range of doses…there’s cute little thongs for that quick pick-me-up, there’s boyshorts for when you need that little bit more , and of course there’s fullbacks for when you need a stiffer dose (so to speak). And who said sweets weren’t good for you…the good Doctor also has pussy pops in her surgery jar along with a few little extras like toys and underwear sets for that full body treatment. And if your still feeling peaky then you could always try one of Dr Thongs photosets, or get the full personalised treatment with a custom photo set. There are not many photosets yet but Dr Thong’s blog promises more to be added soon.

For all you fans of hosiery and feet Dr Thong has you covered as well, with a nice selection of stockings, tights and socks. And with legs that just keep on going, this is one temping surgery…she can wiggle her cute little toes under my nose any old day.One feature I really liked was the ability to download a high resolution copy of Dr Thong’s excellent photos of her delectable knickers. One click on the page thumbnail image and up pops up a larger copy, but if you like to see all the details of the…ahem…panties of your choice, then another click will open a button that you can press to download an even bigger image to your computer. A word of warning though…don’t do this in the office, it’s hard to hide a 5.5 Mega-pixel image under your word document…not to mention anything else you might be trying to hide.

Ordering is really easy! Check a few boxes to make your selection and add extras, put in your email address and any special requests and press the send button. Couldn’t be simpler. There’s no running total so you will have to add the costs up yourself to work out a final price for your order, but it’s not that hard really.

If you’re on the move and you need emergency panty treatment don’t call an ambulance, just follow Doctor Thong on twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/DoctorThong). Now that’s convenience. But if you’re after a more leisurely day then the Doctor’s blog (http://doctorthong.blogspot.com/) may be more to your liking. It’s an unfolding, somewhat random tale, like most blogs, but it’s a nice personal touch that allows for some insight into this fun girl’s interests and causes. There’s even some poetry for us cultured folk.

The bottom line

Dr Thong can prescribe for me any day and I’ll take my medicine with a great big smile. A quality seller with a quality site. There’s a lot to like here and it’s only going to get better. I think Dr Thong’s waiting room will be full before long, so if you want quick treatment I’d certainly advise you to make a booking early…it sure beats the National Health.




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