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Review: Hazel – http://biglips69.sensualwriter.com –  since 2008
Reviewer: Dino
Category Listings: used panty seller

One of the first things you notice is that Hazel is Panty Trust verified, which is comforting and good to see. Her panty site is based on WordPress making managing the content simple and the layout consistent, navigation is therefore simple and it’s easy to find just about anything you want, even if navigating with a one hand! 😉
The bulk of the site is taken up by Hazel’s private panty journal in which she describes how the panties were treated for her clients and interspersed with snippets from her personal life. You get a very personal feel with Hazel, if the doctors she worked for knew what she got up to they’d be prescribing her on the NHS!

There are separate sub pages for advertising panties and hosiery, in both there are several pictures of Hazel modeling everything available, the tights and stockings & socks are priced up – including delivery so no hidden costs. Not so with the panties, Hazel suggets you visit her MUPS store a few times, suggesting this is where the panties are sold from and in one post I noticed Hazel spent Amazon vouchers.

Hazel is very strict on what she won’t do and her full terms and conditions are avaialble if you email her. Hazel will still take some special requests (by email-prices undisclosed), including for one lucky guy a deadbox drop off so the panties were still warm when the customer got them! Hazel will do videos (for existing customers) and mentions picture sets, however, these are not identified as a separately purchasable items.

Hazel has a (new) small feedback section where her happy customers demonstrate their love for her wares in a way a feedback comment can never achieve.

An advantage of the blog style is that you get to see that Hazel tries to keep the site updated as often as her personal life will allow and as you can see the date of all entries you can see it’s updated regularly.

I like that Hazel’s site is simply a showcase for her items, it proves the rule that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, the biggest omission though is information on payment methods.



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