FoxxyHaving already had the wonderful opportunity to sample  a wonderful pair of sexy panties from Foxxy before, I decide that I should after all make sure that I wasn`t mistaken on how I felt about them. So I have decided to use the "fund" to buy another pair and in doing so do a fuller review for my "review page" here on Panty Hog 😉

So with out delay here it is and straight to the point!

Today I literally had my breath taken away by a package that I was sent from the lovely Foxxy!

Inside the package was 3 other package`s with a lovely red bow around them and a hand written note.

I decided to open the plain zip locked bag 1st as i was curious as to what it contain!

Well in said bag was a small and damp tissue wrapped item which i duly open and much to my surprise and joy there was a few bluebell flowers from her little trip out to some bluebell woods that she did a few days again and again just for me…more of that later 😉

I then opened the rectangle shaped package which again was beautifully wrapped and sealed with a Foxxy kiss!

As i un wrapped that, i found inside the pantie`s that i had order enclosed with two zip locked bags. The pair that i had ordered was a very sexy black lace thong with a small pink bow on the waist band.  So i open each one in turn and as i opened the last one, i was greeted with a lovely sweet, beautiful aroma coming forth from within! It was a pleasure to my senses as i inhaled her wonderful scent and then licked the panty crotch to taste what she had left behind after playing in them 😉

I must of held them against my nose/face for sometime as i seems to drift of into a fantasy world with my mind going into over drive! Well after some time, i place them down beside me and opened thought it was about time i open the last package which i new contain a CD of pictures 😉

That CD was soon place into my PC CD player and to my wonderment and delight Foxxy was not only wearing and playing while wearing the thong, but she had revisited the bluebell woods just for me to pose and play! OMG!  Each and every picture was just so wonderful and so stunning to see her within the woods surrounded by bluebells! As i viewed each picture, i picked up the thong again and held it close and you know what? It seemed to bring out even more of her scent as i viewed the picture! Sounds daft i know, but is it??

If i were you i would visit Foxxy`s site and see for yourself what wonderful and delightful goodies she has and order! i know i will be doing so again 😉  Don`t forget she is PTV too 😉  "


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