Adventurous Annie (quickie)

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She twirled her hair while waiting for the bus home from work. She hated working the night shift, but it paid for her flat she shared with her Boyfriend Seth, so she couldn’t complain. She looked up hearing the bus pull up and stepped on and went upstairs. She never sat downstairs, too many weirdo’s! As she was walking up she saw a tanned man with short brown hair, he winked at her and she blushed and stumbled a little not expecting a man to be so forward and carried on upstairs.

She got comfy right at the back and put her feet up looking at her watch. The bus stopped and Annie heard footsteps coming up, a tall muscular guy appeared and started walking her way, it was the guy from downstairs! God he was so good looking she thought.. She had to stop her hands from wandering so she put them behind her head relaxing. He smiled this wolf like grin and sat beside her. He rested his hand on her thigh and looked up at her, his hand sliding up her skirt, causing the cotton fabric to rise showing her thigh.

Annie’s Heart was pounding, How strange she thought, She could already feel how wet she was. She turned to look at him expressionless and her eyes lowered to his crotch. Annie saw the huge lump in his jeans and licked her lips seductively, Wait what was she doing? she thought..Well it’s not like anyone was going to come up, and she was So horny she didn’t have time to have any sex with Seth this morning..and its only a bit of fun.. With that last thought she took his bulge in her hands.

He Grunted softly and began to flicker his fingers against her silky underwear teasing her in all the right places.
It was happening so quickly Annie wasn’t sure if she wanted to stop or fill her mouth with his cock. She looked up at him and raised her eyebrows, she undid his flies and slid her hand down into his boxers, her ice cold fingertips making him take a sharp breath through his teeth, she expertly rubbed his balls and ran her small hand up and down his shaft looking up at him meeting his eyes, and she smiled.

He couldn’t help but return the smile, his fingers sliding her panties aside rubbing her clitoris in small circular motions, his other hand took her cheek in his as he leaned in kissing her pulling her closer to him, his other hand probing harder. Annie all but leapt up onto his lap straddling him, There was no turning back now, she was unstoppable, Once Annie started something, she had to finish it, and it usually finished with a guy shooting his load.

She started rubbing his cock hard and fast, her other hand running up his chest under his shirt to tease at his nipple. He pulled back slightly biting her lower lip, looking into her eyes. She leaned over him to her bag and dug out an old condom she had, she tore it open and tossed aside the wrapper. She got up off him leaning down to place a light kiss on the head of his cock before putting the condom on. She turned round and sat on his cock slowly lowering herself onto him feeling his hands grab her hips pulling her body to his, she slowly started lifting her pussy off his cock and back down again.

He moaned in her ear as his hands ruffled up under her shirt to cup her breasts. She moaned out in pleasure as she quickened her pace slamming her pussy down hard on his cock wanting to feel him inside her, His balls were slapping so hard against her arse she was trying her hardest not to scream the bus down in pleasure. God she loved it hard! He started fidgeting under her, moaning louder now, one hand still gripping her breast, the other now on her clitoris rubbing it while she rode him. He bit down on her neck and whispered in her ear he was about to cum. Annie needed no telling, she knew he was on the brink and she took herself off his lap and slammed down one final time while he shot his load deep inside her. He held her there on top of him, Cum oozing out of the condom onto both of their legs. Both of them out of breath, and sticky with the smell of sex… She stood up and leant over to press the bell to get off at the next stop.

Annie was blushing and wasn’t sure what just happened. She looked down and arranged her skirt and adjusted her top. She walked down the stairs and got off the bus without giving a second thought to anyone that might have heard them. He joined her and took her hand. They walked a couple of steps before turning down the walkway to their flat. “Hey Sweetie, How was your day?” Seth looked down at Annie smiling that Wolf like smile of his she just loved, He scooped her up into his arms hugging her while spinning her around. She laughed and kissed his lips softly.

“It was great Baby that was so hot, I didn’t even recognize you sitting downstairs until you winked, I almost tripped up! I thought it would of been empty upstairs and that you would probably follow and I bet your glad you did! Seth Blushed a little moving a strand of hair out of her face. It was like sex with a stranger! she demanded. It was So hot Baby, Thanks again for meeting me after work. You know I hate those bus journeys all by myself.” The couple walked into their Flat and fled straight upstairs. There was more then just a bus journey on the cards tonight and Seth still had a special journey to take Annie on in the shower!!


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