Stewart's Week in Panty Land

Stewart’s Week in Panty Land

Welcome to my review of the weekly events, occurrences and news from the used panties fetish scene. The column will be interspersed with interesting, informative and surreal stories from the World outside these three great sites (apparently there is a World beyond). A column that connects the used panty sites and is a fun, informal and informative review of the past week is the raison d’etre of my undertaking.

Firstly please permit me to introduce myself. I am four months into this fine fetish and have amassed approximately thirty pairs. I am making-up for lost time and aim to increase my accumulation. Whilst the joys I have received from receiving used panties were foreseen, the friendships that I have made, and in some cases close friendships, have been a special bonus. I began purchasing with a ‘full back panties only’ policy but this has now changed to incorporate thongs.  Always worn under tights, preferably white knickers under black tights. I have recently formed a group on MUPS of this genre.

Stewart’s Week in Panty Land’ shall include a combination of news and information from official channels, as well as news from buyers and sellers. Perhaps you are returning to the scene after an absence and wish to inform people that you are back, or you are a newbie who wishes to introduce yourself? I will gladly relay this information and even interview you if you wish.

Blogs and forums that have caught my eye in the week shall also be mentioned and discussed. Blogs are a personal favourite of mine and I shall endeavour to cover the exciting and the amusing. Panty news and stories from the media shall also be relayed to my readers (presuming I am fortunate enough to attract any). If I had got my act together sooner the story of Damien Hirst’s visit to Stringfellows where he kindly signed a lap dancer’s underwear, enabling the value of the item to rocket, would have had pride of place in my column. I read two newspapers daily but shall go further in order to uncover more knicker news stories for my readers. Whilst this shall only be a frivolous undertaking, I aim to produce stories more substantial than a mere mention of Paris Hilton’s latest panty flash. I would be delighted if readers brought to my attention any news stories that I may have missed and naturally I shall give you a mention.

I shall of course compose a new review every week and I cannot wait to begin. I aim above all to produce a fun and relaxed piece with a flexible format – nothing is set in stone. It is of vital importance that this column remains fresh. If you have any ideas or comments please do not hesitate to get in touch. Allow me to give thanks to DirtyVirgin from MUPS for her contribution to the formulation of this column. And her continued support. She also proposed the excellent idea of a ‘Seller of the Month’ award which I would be delighted to incorporate. Also many thanks to Serena and PK for allowing this venture to come to fruition.


Stewart (Hategstrings) x


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