Stewart's Week in Pantyland – Week 2

Stewart’s Week in Pantyland

Week 2: 1st July


Official News

First off, and following on from news in last week’s column, congratulations are in order for two wonderful MUPS ladies. Miss Babette has achieved full Panty Trust status – well done to her. Being a lady who appreciates pantyhose, I am a big fan of hers, although I’m sure everyone can appreciate the commitment and quality that the Panty Trust label encapsulates. Last week I mentioned the impact that exams were having upon sellers. This week I am pleased to announce that one such seller, BlondeThong, has had her results back from early exams and has done extremely well under trying circumstances – well done BT.

A quiet time for Panty Hog and Panty Wiki this week. A massive thank you to all who are attempting to bring some more action to PH. Littlemissmw (go check out her blog site!!), Prettynikki91, and the few MUPS girls who regularly contribute, have all posted this week and it is only through members putting in the time that the site will continue to prosper.

Dr Thong formulated a forum question asking how best to package pussy pops. Both Kinki_Kati and Hazelbiglips warned of the perils to ‘ladygardens’ such objects can beget. They point out that sugars in Pussy pops are not conducive to a healthy tuppence area – so be careful ladies. Although Dr T, if anyone can find a solution to such a tricky situation, surely it’s you. 



A special mention to Penelope and Katykitten for their dedication to the cause. It came out in the week that both girls regularly ‘sail the good ship MUPS’ at work. The fact that neither girl lets a little thing like ‘employment’ get in the way of their fetish is highly impressive – can anyone else match this for commitment? By the way, if you work in air traffic control then please DO NOT even think of accepting this challenge.


Movie stars

A plethora of great videos this week. A special mention to Naomistclaire for my favourite collection of clips, a selection of Wii fit exercise videos. Speaking of exercise, Nicethings1983 is currently undertaking a fitness regime. Personally I think it is completely unnecessary but I wish her well in this. She has a deal on at the moment whereby selected panties can be bought at a special low price and she will exercise in them for you. Congratulations to her for buying Tweety Pie knicks in the week (these are not part of the deal).

Cherree has been kind enough to upload several new videos but by far the bravest entry was from BlondeThong, seeing as it was her first. It was a sensual, understated, and above all sexy effort. And she was wearing Superwoman knickers! I think I speak for everyone when I say that I hope this explosion in video uploading continues.



Similar to the increase in video output, the quantity and quality of blogs this week on MUPS has been amazing. The first blog to catch my eye this week was from Nookie_Lookie on the subject of her knicker thieving puppy. With pictorial evidence we were shown just how Lochan’s exterior angelic appearance is not matched by her interior panty inclinations – a dog after my own heart. Good luck Nookie on locating your eight missing panties and well done in hiding my superwoman knickers from the thieving temptress.

Dirtvirgin’s, ‘Passing Time’, is also a must read. I love blogs that I can relate to and the psychological profiling of fellow rail passengers is a hobby I often engage in. She attempted to delve into the personalities of those around her and I’m sure we have all endured journeys alongside a ‘Mr-I-bathed-in aftershave-this-morning’, ‘Ms Buxom Beauty, and Mr and Mrs Synchronicity’. This is a great game to play at the supermarket checkout. However, I see this as more of a valued sport than a way of passing the time – yes my life is that exciting! Incidentally, DV is an expert at guessing what type of aftershave you like to wear, despite never having met you.

            Blog of the week

The winner for me has to be Penelope’s, ‘Morals Vs Trying Something New’.  A fun and thought-provoking piece which explores the dilemma of remaining true to your set boundaries, against evolving in order to fully satisfy yourself and your fellow customers. The example Pen provides enables us to place the discussion into context. It’s interesting, intriguing, challenging and relevant. Pen has been asked by a customer to wear another girl’s panties and take pictures and videos in these. Her article sees Penelope mull over the possibilities of this scenario. It’s an issue that divides me. On the one hand, I would hate for someone else to sample the knicks I have been lucky enough own – I treat them like gold and would never do anything to besmirch the scent or condition of them. But to see a girl sampling another hot girl’s undies is such a turn-on. The fact that the blog has left me thinking about unanswered questions surrounding my own fetish proves its lasting effect on me. An excellent blog.


Secret confession of a pantyholic

It started a couple of Saturdays ago in the bright lights of Huddersfield City Centre. Whilst out for a drink with a friend I have recently become reacquainted with, I shared my panty secret. In my defence I was drunk and also struggling to become involved in a very one-sided conversation. Then an uncomfortable silence came – so I decided to fill it with my obsession. As soon as the words had left my mouth I was embarrassed, but the result was startling. At first she was amazed that men are interested in them, but when she could tell I wasn’t joking she nonchalantly said that I could have had her knickers if she hadn’t been wearing a skirt. I gave it no more thought, just pleased that I hadn’t ruined things. Out last Saturday, I received a text message asking if I was in town and if I wanted my present? A couple of hours later I was in possession of a very sexy (and creamy) black cotton thong with pink trim. I was also promised a further pair later that evening….

I must point out, however, that unfortunately this doesn’t happen to me often. The last woman who handed me her knickers in real life I proposed to and we were engaged for five years. That was in Huddersfield too!

In other HGS news, yesterday I agreed to buy my very first G-string. I was promised one that would alter my perspective of them – thank you Miss Vaughn.


Knickers in the news  

Two crime-related panties news stories this week. At Rikers Island Prison, New York, after a spate of females arriving in very little, and in some cases without knickers, authorities have deemed that in future such visitors will be forced to wear loose-fitting green smocks. This is a concerted attempt to prevent further groping incidents occurring at visiting time.

In England, a 54 year old was branded a ‘dirty old man’ and forced to pay a fine of over £700. His crime was to take 5 photos of a young mum’s (age not specified) thong as she bent over a pushchair, struggling with child and shopping.



I would like to welcome pixieheartuk and porcelainlilith to MUPS. SexyRed and XXLustingMaeXX have both returned to the site after absences and have blogs explaining their return. Sweetcami69 has joined both MUPS and Pantyhog. Welcome all; I hope you enjoy the sites – and sights – as much as the rest of us.

And finally …

So what have we learned this week?

·         Do not take photos of people’s thongs on the street.

·         If you are missing panties, Nookie_Lookie’s dog, Lochan, may be able to throw some light on the subject.

·         The 5.30 train from Reading requires no literature to pass the time.

·         Nintendo Wii provides a fantastic MUPS video prop

·         If you want to unload your secret panty passion and receive special gifts, Huddersfield is the place to be.

Next week

Pretty much the same as this week, though an interview with Hibiscus is pencilled in for the very near future. Hopefully week 3 shall not all be about MUPS, and there may even be pictures … goes from strength-to-strength doesn’t it!!!!!!












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